Data protection made simple for Microsoft 365

Cloud Backup for all your critical data – including Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams
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Protect your productivity

Cloud Backup is more important than ever

Data loss happens

SMB’s 10x more likely hit with data breaches than large organizations.

44% of businesses experienced a data breach in last 12 months

50% of data loss is due to human error1

Data loss is costly

$8,000 cost of one hour of downtime for businesses with <250 employees2

40–60% of small to medium businesses won’t reopen after data loss from a major disaster3

46% of SMB have been victims of ransomware attacks, of these 73% have actually paid a ransom4

Microsoft’s service agreement recommends you regularly backup your data using third-party services

Work safe and be productive

Find peace of mind knowing SkyKick Cloud Backup secures your critical business information.
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Unlimited Backup for a fixed price

No data caps, overages or pruning of data; deleted user information always retained. All for a fixed price!

Automatic backups, multiple times a day

Minimize data loss risk with data automatically backed up to six times a day

Easy set-up, cloud solution

No installation, 100% cloud, all users and data protected in minutes

Fast search and quick restore

Lightning-fast search and one-click complete restore to get data right back to where it was

Accelerate Hybrid Work productivity

Instills confidence to adopt Microsoft Teams and improve collaboration

Scales with business growth

Automated discovery scales by identifying new users and ensuring all content is protected

Flexible purchase options

Pay only for what you back up – just mail, or the full Microsoft 365 tenant

Industry-leading protection

Backup data housed in Microsoft Azure with built-in security and governance

Global compliance and security regulations

Encryption and compliance including GDPR, HIPAA ensures backup data never leaves Azure environment

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Protect your productivity

SkyKick Cloud Backup saved our customer $15,000 after a ransomware attack. Not only that, the entire restore was completed in a few hours.

Chad Smith, Senior Consultant

SkyKick has been a leader in Microsoft 365 services for years. Their Backup product is the easiest to use, offering more features than the competition.

Ray Ollson, Clod Service Advisor

Anyone who is offering M365 without backup is doing a disservice to their customer. It makes no sense to not address the risks of data loss for such a low cost.

Daniel S. Cohn, President

SkyKick has over 30K trusted partners in 128 countries with millions of users

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SkyKick has been a leader in the Microsoft 365 services space for a long time. Their Backup product is the easiest to use and offers more features than the competition. You can’t go wrong with SkyKick Cloud Backup.

– Roy Ollson, Cloud Service Advisor, Zelly Cloud Solutions


1 – IT Policy Compliance Group
2 – Datto
3 – FEMA
4 – Infrascale