Get ahead on Security with Intelligent Customer Protection

Achieve 30-50% higher revenue and increased customer loyalty

For over a decade, SkyKick has been working together with Microsoft channel partners, creating automation to help them stay ahead of the biggest IT opportunities and challenges. Today, the theme that we hear more and more from partners is how do I build a more proactive MSP practice around SECURITY. At stake is significant financial upside, higher customer satisfaction and increased retention.

To be sure, many partners are already involved in security solutions in their Microsoft 365-based MSP, but current approaches are often reactive, costly and don’t deliver the customer wow or revenue that MSPs deserve for these valuable services.

SkyKick is on a mission to help mainstream partners get ahead on Security. An MSP practice where security is a first-class citizen, where we can go from reactive tickets to proactive planning, and where we can fully deliver on the promise of being the trusted advisor to our customers.

Introducing – Intelligent Customer Protection

Last week, we hosted a launch event where we showcased the newest product innovations in Cloud Backup and Security Manager built around a powerful new vision called Intelligent Customer Protection (ICP).

At the event, we rallied around how ICP could play a role in getting approximately $30 more in MRR from every user you have under your Microsoft 365 MSP – and do this within the next 6 months! If you are excited about that possibility, you will want to catch up to the exciting discussions we had at the event last week. On-demand recap, click here, or read the high-level summary below.

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ICP was created from work SkyKick has done with hundreds of the most successful Microsoft 365 partners who are “winning” in security. This winning blueprint almost consistently was built around – See, Solve, Share. Some partners are affectionately calling this the “S3 model”!

See it

Effective tooling to be able to See ahead and around the bends to get a full picture on where the vulnerabilities are in the system – within your walls and at the customer. And do this proactively, ahead of getting hit with reactive tickets.

Solve it

Smart approaches and automation to deliver solutions – fast, efficiently and consistently. Fast to keep the customer happy, efficient to keep the cost manageable, and consistent to build a repeatable delivery model.


Regular customer engagement is even more important in security. After all, if you were doing a perfect job on security, the customer would never see an incident and will probably question the value of your services. Sharing a view of the threats you are catching and fixing can be the key to not just retaining customers, but also in opening new doors for upsell in a customer-centric win-win way.

Upgraded SkyKick Products – infused with Intelligent Customer Protection

With this latest release – the biggest in the company’s 10 year history – SkyKick has focused on applying the See, Solve, Share approach to Cloud Backup (for data protection) and to Security Manager (for proactive security execution). These updates automate substantial parts of the work needed so partners can more easily and profitably build in a differentiated security offering on top of their current M365 MSP. With its focus on SMB-relevant security scenarios, and the automation that makes security approachable for 90k+ non-security specialist Microsoft partners, we feel this is indeed the “Intelligent” choice for IT partners to accelerate and grow proactive security practices.

Here are a few of the major new innovations across Cloud Backup & Security Manager in this latest ICP-anchored product release.


See it
  • At a glance Security Dashboard – scores and top vulnerabilities
  • Prioritized security actions & risk mitigation recommendations
  • New home dashboard with 360-degree Data Protection Visibility
  • User-centric : one view of the (user) data across all application
Solve it
  • 1-click automation for over 50%+ of all security scenarios
  • Solutions Panel – prescriptive resolution recommendations to specific problems
  • Scheduling & Monitoring Automation
  • Efficient Groups-based Management for faster, more consistent delivery
  • SnapSearch – near instant data discovery to wow customers
  • Granular and Point in Time Recovery Options for power and control
Share it
  • SecurityRadar – visual, customer-ready reports highlighting security performance, insights and business opportunities
  • SmartInsights – customer-ready visualizations and reporting on protection status and opportunities

Many leading partners are already seeing great results with the power of Intelligent Customer Protection (ICP) – a differentiated offering that combines data protection and proactive security. Watch the Partner Panel from the event and see for yourself how this differentiated approach is helping these partners be more efficient in security delivery and growing their MSP security practice.

„The new SmartInsights in Backup is really interesting. You can show your customers exactly where the data growth is. We have used it to easily upsell legacy customers by showing how their Groups and Teams data is growing and is not protected…. I love the new Groups-based management and Notifications features as they make the day-to-day administration of Backup a breeze for our managed services team.”

Shane Monty, Cloud Solutions Architect, Present

We hope you are as excited about this next chapter of building in proactive security you’re your MSP together with SkyKick. As they say, a journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step. In the weeks ahead, you will continue to hear from our product leaders and your MSP peers about best-practices and insights. Together, we look forward to pushing the frontiers of security in our MSPs in ways that reduce risk, increase margins and boost customer loyalty. Stay tuned!

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„The SecurityRadar reporting allows us to share a picture with the client on where they are on security, where their biggest vulnerabilities are, and how we want to help them. This enables a great conversation with the customer and getting them pay for the right services… And I love the new Security Performance Report even more. Its game-changer to be able to show the customer key security information, industry news and where they are in relation to other similar customers.”

Robert Herbaugh, Security and Strategy Specialist, Kinetix