SecurityRadar’s Foundational Security Insights: Proactive Customer Engagement via Data-Driven Details

SecurityRadar was launched in July to enable Microsoft Partners to use data-driven insights to proactively engage with their customers. There are 4 SecurityRadar categories regarding these insights which can transform a customer conversation from theoretical to actionable. In this week’s blog of our 5-step series on SecurityRadar, we cover the first category: Foundational Security Insights.

Approaching a customer on the value of your security offering can be difficult without being able to customize an action plan based on each customer’s security goals. As their security expert, it’s up to you to recommend the right goals based on their users’ activity, devices, size of their organization, and Microsoft’s recommended baseline security goals for similar companies.  

There are 3 primary security systems that top MSP’s use to establish baseline security goals for an M365 environment:

  • M365 Secure Score
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Windows Intune

It requires time and expertise to manage 3 systems separately. And to demonstrate value to a customer or a prospective security customer, it can be a costly extra step to approach them with the potential improvements you can implement for them.

What happens when a customer asks: ‘What specifically does our company need to do to be more secure? How long can it take to provide a detailed action plan? Is there a tradeoff for end users once security is tightened? How much have you done for our company’s security?’

SecurityRadar’s Foundational Security Insights was built to provide Partners a 360-degree view of all the data-driven security details for proactive and personalized customer sales engagement, across all of the security systems you use.

Having all security-related dashboards and reports available in 1 place enables our Partners to quickly understand a customer’s Secure Score, the key security status of AAD, and even manage baseline security settings via Intune. It saves a ton of time and shows you’ve got full command over the customer’s security.

At its foundation, Security Manager is a radar-like dashboard and reporting system for all your customers’ access, policies, apps, and devices which impact M365 security and their baseline security potential. SecurityRadar brings all these security tools and their baseline reports into a single pane of glass:

  • Microsoft Secure Score
    • Enables you to set appropriate Secure Score goals dynamically for each customer based on similar M365 tenants
    • Gauges end-user impact for potential security improvements
    • Scales across one or multiple tenants, allowing you to focus on 1 customer, or choose a single common opportunity to address against multiple customers
  • Azure Active Directory (Entra)
    • Help more effectively manage the digital personas within AADPrivileged ID and access managementView & prevent admin proliferation
    • Single Sign On management
  • Intune
    • Provides key Intune baseline security information into one placeAllows you to establish a baseline for each customer in areas such as: Configuration Policies, Account Settings, Network Settings, OS Settings, Antivirus Policies, Applications, Attack Surface Reduction, Firewall Policies, and more…
    • Custom PowerShell commands and workflows are fully supported and executable via Security Manager

Additionally, Security Manager tracks the history of the security changes and events for these products that may not inherently provide such reporting, all in 1 dashboard. Over 60 Reports are also available in multiple formats to any number of email recipients; based on a change event and/or automated on your preferred regular schedule.

Customers might not always fully understand the value you bring to securing their data and devices and can be reluctant to invest in making change. Security Manager is your SecurityRadar, a single pane of glass 360-degree security view of all your customers’ tenants.  And it was designed not just to act on security threats, but to actually show customers what security opportunities exist, the end-user impact, the measures you’re taking, and how you’ve impacted their security over time.   SecurityRadar’s Foundational Security Insights enable you to proactively reach out to customers about the value you bring in delivering expert security services to their M365 environment and beyond.

To learn more about SkyKick Security Manager, book a live demo with a senior SkyKick security specialist

SkyKick has attained global ISO 27001 certification and is trusted by thousands of Microsoft Partners use SecurityRadar to manage over 3.6 million users…and growing.

SkyKick continues to add features to their Security Manager platform to keep up with evolving threats and best practices. As of July 2023, Security Manager now has over 60 workflows regarding Foundational Security Insights, twice the security-related workflows out of the box compared to the beginning of 2023.

SkyKick takes the security of our partners’ and their customers’ data seriously. This growth demonstrates SkyKick’s ongoing commitment to be at the forefront of global security for our Partners and their customers.