M365 Customer Security Engagement

Campaign in a Box

Security is a huge opportunity. Many partners are making 30-50% more money from their M365 MSP customers. But only 33% of partners are engaging their customers and having the “security conversation”. Why? Because it’s tough to sell and tough to deliver – and SkyKick is changing that with Security Manager. What makes selling tough? A sales conversation on Security needs to be personalized. You need something that helps you engage the customer and help them see the M365 security needs that they can appreciate. And all this prep takes time. Security Navigator massively simplifies customer engagement.

This campaign aims to help partners launch your own To-Customer campaign and engage 100% of your customers for a security conversation, grow your M365 security business and retain customers. 

Start your campaign journey with the Campaign primer playbook. Many of the assets can be tailored based on your knowledge of the customer, their business needs, and the nature of your relationship with them.

Campaign assets in this package

  • Campaign primer playbook
  • Planning & targeting tool
  • Customer outreach email
  • To-Customer assessment template
  • 1-cick security assessment instructions
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Center for Internet Security (CIS) Controls Reference Guide

The CIS Controls reference guide has been designed to simplify 18 categories and 170+ CIS safeguards down to 4 scenarios so MSPs can manage CIS and meet customers’ compliance needs with confidence.

  • Higher satisfaction
  • Compliance
  • Door opener for future services
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Essential 8 Reference Guide for MSPs

The Essential 8 quick reference guide has been designed to simplify 150+ ISM controls down to 4 scenarios so MSPs can manage Essential Eight and meet customers’ compliance needs with confidence.

  • Higher satisfaction
  • Compliance
  • Door opener for future services
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Security Manager Tours

See Security Manager in Action

A powerful, easy-to-use application to manage Microsoft 365 security. Purpose-built for ITSPs

See how Security Manager can help you improve customer security, reduce cost and accelerate growth for all your Microsoft 365 customers.

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Security Manager Quick Guides

Quick guides to manage customers’ Microsoft 365 Secure Scores

In these quick tutorials learn how Security Manager can help you manage your customers’ Microsoft 365 security at scale.

  • Microsoft 365 Secure Scores
  • Safe Links
  • Anti-Phishing Policies
  • Microsoft 365 Security Monitoring
  • Customer Review Reports
  • Anti-Spam Policies
  • Anti-Malware Policies
  • MFA Status Report
  • and many more
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On-Demand Webinar Gallery

Watch on-demand webinars covering MSP best practices and insights, product demos, and more

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MSP Guide to Selling M365 Security Services

FREE assets to use today to accelerate your security practice

Security is a pressing concern for businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs). SMBs are 3x more likely to be targeted by cybercriminals than larger companies, making it crucial to invest in robust security measures.*

We understand the importance of security and its impact on your customers’ business continuity. Based on input from our top-performing MSPs, we prepared the MSP Guide to help you navigate the security landscape and build stronger, security-focused relationship with your customers.

What you’ll learn in this guide:

  • How to Identify High-Value Customers: Prioritize engaging with existing customers. Gain insight into industries more prone to security exposure and the right stakeholders to engage.
  • Framing the Security Conversation: Make your conversation with customers specific and quantitative to their environment. Easily demonstrate their Microsoft Secure Scores and share real-world insights to highlight common risks.
  • Offer a Comprehensive Assessment: Provide your customers with a thorough security assessment, showcasing the value of engaging with a security service provider like yourself. Offer prescriptive recommended next steps to address potential vulnerabilities.
  • Drive Recurring Revenue: Encourage customers to invest in a Managed Security Service Offering that includes monitoring, remediation, and continuous security management, scalable to their business needs. Use or adapt the provided 3-tier services packaging to transparently showcase the value of working with you as their trusted security service provider.

Don’t wait to have the security conversation. If you don’t, your competition will.

Shane Monty
Cloud Solutions Architect
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Security Manager Datasheet

Get ahead on Microsoft 365 Security

Get $30 more MRR from every Microsoft 365 end user within 6 months. The Security Manager Datasheet outlines the path and returns possible with the implementation of Security Services for your MSP. All made easier with Security Manager.
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