Enhance Cloud Backup Customer Relationships with 3 Key MSP Tools

Last week we discussed the components of what makes a successful data protection consultation. In this article, we will explore how to develop relationships that ensure strong customer satisfaction. Every customer interaction presents an opportunity for a Managed Service Provider to showcase their forward-thinking approach to the business’s long-term technology investments. Follow along as we cover three tools that will help you foster deeper connections.

Transform routine conversations into strategic consultations

Data visuals can help support robust conversations with your customers. Smart Insights, a feature within SkyKick Cloud Backup, provides visual reporting and actionable insights. Building on this capability, recent findings demonstrated that 66% of SkyKick Partners regularly monitor their customers‘ Cloud Backup subscriptions. While this reveals a commendable level of diligence, it also raises a critical question: Can you make more of these moments?

By harnessing the power of data trends, Partners can transform routine conversations into meaningful consultations that drive business growth and resilience.

Let’s consider a scenario where a customer utilizes multiple workloads across Microsoft 365. To showcase this example, we will analyze the charts to assess for any trends:

  • The Total Data Under Protection chart illustrates the total data under protection for a customer.
  • There has been consistent growth in data across all services, including a notable rise in newer data services.
  • The Data Protection Status illustrates the % of resources that are not protected.
  • It is apparent that among all the services, Groups & Teams stand out with a 25% risk factor.

These findings unveil a unique insight for MSPs. While there is consistent growth in data across all services, there is also a significant vulnerability with a 25% risk factor in Groups & Teams not being protected.  This presents an opportunity for a provider to engage with customers to expand data protection measures in line with growth and to address specific gaps in protection, particularly in collaborative environments. Proactively addressing such insights strengthens customer interactions and positions you as a trusted advisor who is not only reactive but also strategic in your approach to data protection and security.

Earn credibility to gain customer trust

The journey toward becoming a trusted advisor extends beyond exploring data trends, it requires continuous learning and professional development. SkyKick’s new Cloud Backup Sales and Technical certifications offer Partners a pathway to enhance their expertise and bolster credibility.

The Sales Professional Certificate equips SkyKick Partners with the skills to effectively communicate the value of a tailored backup solution to meet customer needs. By mastering consultative sales techniques and understanding customer pain points, Partners unlock new revenue opportunities and fortify customer relationships.

On the technical front, the Cloud Backup Technical Specialist Certification provides comprehensive training to optimize operational efficiency. Through a deep understanding of Cloud Backup’s platform capabilities, Partners gain the expertise to deliver unparalleled value to their customers, further solidifying their position as trusted advisors.

Through continuous learning and professional development, these certifications not only enhance expertise but also strengthen credibility. Equipped with refined sales and technical skills, you will have the ability to confidently navigate customer needs, unlock revenue opportunities, and cultivate lasting relationships, ultimately setting yourself apart from your competitors.

Craft an authentic brand narrative

Crafting an authentic brand narrative is essential for leaving a lasting impression on customers. Case studies are powerful tools that present real success stories and demonstrate the value your business provides.

By spotlighting successful implementations, challenges overcome, and tangible results, case studies offer a glimpse into the expertise and innovation of your business. They not only validate your capabilities but also serve as persuasive tools to attract and retain customers.

The key elements of an effective case study are:

Clearly Defined Problem-Solution Narrative: Describe the specific challenges customers faced and illustrate how your solution effectively addresses them.

Measurable Outcomes: Showcase quantifiable results and key performance indicators to validate the effectiveness of your services.

Compelling Visuals: Utilize charts, graphs, and testimonials to enhance the readability and impact of the case study.

Customer Testimonials: Incorporate quotes or testimonials from satisfied customers to add credibility and authenticity to the narrative. If you are new to case studies or are looking for inspiration on how they can be done – download our FREE Case Study Template:

Download the Case Study Template

Follow the path to lasting engagement

With the surge in corporate data risk, customers are seeking deeper, more meaningful engagements in data protection. By embracing these techniques, you can confidently cultivate long-term engagement and lay the groundwork for lasting customer relationships built on shared success.

Download free assets

To support you in your customer conversations, SkyKick is excited to offer you a suite of ready-to-use assets designed to help you authentically connect with your customers. These assets available for FREE, serve as powerful tools to streamline communication and highlight the importance of having a robust backup solution. They include customer pitch decks, social posts, email templates, product datasheets, and more! To download this toolset, visit our World Backup Day Landing page.

Download FREE World Backup Day Assets

By skillfully employing these assets, you solidify your position as a trusted advisor, guiding clients toward informed decisions and more fortified protection.