A Strategic Consultation Guide: Mastering Key Assets for World Backup Day Success

Last week, we delved into World Backup Day, where we covered SkyKick’s three-step approach to achieving data protection success throughout March. As you prepare for key discussions with your customers in the coming weeks, it is essential to understand the ingredients of a successful data protection consultation. Follow along as we delve into the essential tools and best practices needed to navigate these conversations seamlessly.

The power of pitch decks

During consultations, presentation slides serve as a powerful tool to help illustrate and structure the need for data protection, making it more impactful and relatable. It’s important to tailor your slides to reflect the specific industries and requirements of each customer, to highlight how backup solutions can safeguard against their unique risks and challenges. Moreover, a well-crafted pitch deck not only educates your customers but also builds a compelling case for why data protection is a necessity.

Navigating compliance changes

 One key challenge in 2024 is customers keeping up with the changes in compliance at both a national and industry-specific level. Partners have an opportunity to simplify this by mapping what’s important (i.e. Essential 8, NCSC UK) to the solutions they offer, making the decision for data protection much easier. In short, by showing that Cloud Backup not only protects data but also ensures that your customers remain on the right side of regulations, you accelerate the decision-making process.

The art of the follow-up

Post-meeting, it is always important to ensure that your follow-up is succinct and captures the essential next steps for you and your customers. A useful tool to leverage in a follow-up is the one-pager product sheet. Consider the product datasheet as a comprehensive snapshot of your data protection solution that highlights its features and benefits. Additionally, tailor it to your customer’s industry size to align relatable benefits with their specific pain points. For your more tech-savvy customers, the datasheet can serve as a detailed reference that showcases the depth and robustness of your solution.

Leveraging waivers effectively

Ultimately, customers must understand the risks of lacking a data protection solution. This is where a waiver document can serve as a useful aid in a consultation meeting. It highlights your commitment to cloud protection and can help to ignite strong consideration by the customer. Use it strategically to address any reservations about transitioning to a cloud backup solution.

Download free assets

To support you in your customer conversations, SkyKick is excited to offer you a suite of ready-to-use assets designed to help you authentically connect with your customers. These assets available for FREE, serve as powerful tools to streamline communication and highlight the importance of having a robust backup solution. They include customer pitch decks, social posts, email templates, product datasheets, and more! To download this toolset, visit our World Backup Day Landing page.

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