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‘Branded Services’ improves Office 365 backup business for MSPs

Earlier this month we hosted a webinar titled ‘Scaling Your Business With Branded Services’ , which gave listeners an overview of our new customization and customer self-service capabilities for Cloud Backup. The offering -which recently launched for general availability to all SkyKick partners – provides MSPs with a tool to efficiently scale up their Office 365 backup services, while also helping Partners build their brand.

The webinar featured perspectives from SkyKick Partners Jeff Moser with  Cordicate IT (Pennsylvania, US) and David Neav with Clandestine Solutions (Brisbane, Australia), both of whom successfully deployed Branded Services for their own Office 365 backup practice.

Key insights shared during the webinar were:

    • SkyKick’s Branded Services was built to specifically meet the needs of MSPs looking to efficiently scale up their Office 365 backup services, differentiate themselves from their competitors, and broaden brand awareness with end-customers. Built on SkyKick’s years of experience serving the Partner community, this extension addresses several key challenges MSPs face when looking to grow their Office 365 backup business.


    • Empowering our Partner community is our core mission. There’s no better representation of that than the self-service capabilities included in the Branded Services offering. Partners now have the ability to provide access to our Cloud Backup service directly to end-customer clients, which frees up technical and support resources to do other critical (and usually higher value) tasks. This is just one example of how Branded Services also helps reduce costs for MSPs.


    • Branded Services helps ensure MSPs are seen as a strategic IT partner for end-customers. Giving Partners the ability to customize their Office 365 backup services (via logo, URL, support links and company name) helps MSPs stand out, build name recognition and establish credibility for their offerings in the community. Its best oriented for business clients for whom the MSPs serve as the primary IT resource, as it gives them the ability to perform minor backup operations on their own.


    • Thoughtful consideration as to who at an end customer should have access to a self-service Cloud Backup offering is an important prerequisite before deployment. Our MSP panelists highly recommended having a discussion on access rights and responsibilities with clients at the start of an engagement, to improve communication and set expectations. To this end, SkyKick’s Branded Services gives partners flexibility to grant two different access levels for end customer employees, which can help with these conversations. Access can be granted to just enable monitoring and restores within an Office 365 tenant or allow full management of the entire Cloud Backup subscription.


    • Another key piece of value appreciated by MSPs is how easy it is to create and deploy a Branded Services offering for customers. It’s as simple as navigating to the ‘Branded Services’ link on the SkyKick portal, identifying what needs to be customized (logo, company name, URL, support links, etc.) and then publishing the experience to the Web. Following that, the MSP just needs to grant the end customer access to the Branded experience – all of this can be enabled within minutes and just a couple clicks. And it is now available as a turnkey solution for both new Office 365 Cloud Backup orders as well as existing orders.


Watch the webinar on-demand now

These are just a few of the insights shared by our Partners Cordicate IT and Clandestine Solutions in the webinar.

Additional guidance on how to get started with the Cloud Backup Branded Services offering can be found in this overview article in the SkyKick Help Center.

Or if you’d like, feel free to watch the full 30-minute webinar which is available on-demand here on the SkyKick webinar landing page. Enjoy!