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Let customers self-service on your website, with the white-label Migration application. Embed in less than an hour.

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Self-Service Migration Planner

migrate to office 365 steps

The Self-Service Migration Planner is a simplified version of the full SMB Migration Suite, designed to enable customers under 25 seats to quickly setup an Office 365 migration plan.

You choose to approve the plan and get the project underway. You can even let customers manage their own migration project. It’s a great way to save your time and empower your customers. Plus, it’s a great lead-gen tool!

Happy Sales & Marketing

With a web-enabled experience, sales and marketing teams are now unleashed to direct customers to self-service online. More online = more sales opportunity.

You’re Always in Control

Our Syndication enables the customer to do the work, but puts you in control

You get notified of all
activity pre and post sale

Change access to the
applications anytime

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