Customize, integrate, or extend SkyKick into your technology stack

Customize with SkyKick APIs

Whether you want to integrate into your e-commerce experience or customize SkyKick’s Office 365 migration and backup products to meet your customer’s needs, SkyKick’s APIs are designed to make whatever you want to do possible.

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Powerful APIs

Manage migrations, Office 365 backup subscriptions, and resellers directly from whatever application you use. Integration is easy with fully-documented APIs, code snippets, and email support.

Monitor performance

Robust reporting and analytics help you gain insight into peak usage times and optimize end-user experience.

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Align to Your Business

With our API’s you can develop the ideal customer and support experience matched to your business needs. Plus, all stakeholders in the organization can get exactly what they want.

Perfect for Mass Migrations

Many partners are moving thousands of their customers to Office 365 at scale. We call these “Mass Migrations” and our API’s enable you to leverage our core technology to do this quickly and reliably.

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