SNP Technologies Migrates over 5,000 Users from Google to Office 365


SNP Technologies is a cloud-only service provider, building secure and reliable solutions for businesses of the future.


Migration Suites

SkyKick has always put our business success first. Our partnership is based on team wins and providing premium services to our customers.


A large state university was using a diverse set of software programs for collaboration and communication, including Google Apps Services, Skype for internal communications, and Microsoft Office applications for productivity. Adding to the complexity, the university’s IT department was supporting at least three versions of Office applications. To improve end-user productivity, cost efficiencies, and technical support for their 19,000 users, the system administrators at the university decided to move their email from Google to Office 365. The university chose SNP Technologies for the project. The migration included over 5,000 users who required data migration. SNP had previously not performed a migration from Google to Office 365, but their extensive experience with SkyKick’s migration technology and technical support, gave them and their client the confidence to proceed.


SNP used the SkyKick Migration Planner to uncover critical details of the university’s email environment and easily configure the migration project to meet the university’s unique needs. They demonstrated the capability of SkyKick’s Server Sync to perform a 5,000 seat cutover migration in spite of Google’s 2 GB per-day throttling restriction. Across the entire migration process, SNP used the SkyKick Migration Tracker to monitor every aspect of the project, build momentum and communication with the customer, and address otherwise hidden issues in a timely manner. SNP also relied on SkyKick’s free, unlimited, consultative technical support from pre-sales to post-migration to ensure success with this, their first Google to Office 365 migration.


Automation saves hundreds of hours

Unlimited, automated syncs before, during, and after cutover not only ensure a successful migration, they save a lot of manual effort.

“We saved hundreds of hours, not just in the overall project, but through handling issues along the way in a proactive, collaborative fashion.” – Ravi Beeram, Engineer


Highest value for fixed cost

SkyKick is designed to enable profitability through its fixed cost for comprehensive project automation.

“Other products in the industry may appear less costly on the surface, but after adding everything up, SkyKick has proven to be the real value for us.” – Kristen Pethick, Project Manager


100% partner-focused

From its beginning SkyKick has focused 100% on making its partners more successful in the cloud.

“SkyKick has always put our business success first. Our partnership is based on team wins and providing premium services to our customers.” – Prakash Parikh, Chief of Operations