Sikich Scales its Cloud Business
with SkyKick Platform


Sikich is a leading accounting, advisory, technology and managed services firm that delivers one-of-a-kind solutions to help clients realize their organizational goals.


Migration Suites

For us, it’s been all about how do we scale? With SkyKick, we can do migrations that we really couldn’t have done any other way. Because I don’t have to deploy resources to remote sites, I can sell, migrate, implement, and support Office 365 remotely with SkyKick. This has allowed us to have Office 365 clients in 30 states and 8 countries.

The Challenge

Office 365 migrations can be risky, time-consuming, and difficult to manage and scale. Before choosing the SkyKick platform for their Office 365 migrations, Sikich engineers would have to either send out help desk staff to client sites or send instructions for customers to follow. Because end users have varying levels of technical expertise, engaging them introduced additional risks and potential delays.

The Choice

For many customers, a migration to Office 365 is their first entry point into the cloud. It is therefore vital that IT providers choose the right platform for the migration and other cloud services. SkyKick was chosen by Sikich to both address the risks and challenges of Office 365 migrations and to empower their cloud business to scale. Factors that contributed to the choice for SkyKick include:

  • The ability to perform migrations 100% remotely.
  • Multiple, automated syncs, before and after cutover.
  • Comprehensive, scalable project management.
  • The option to perform migrations without any end-user involvement.
  • Unlimited, consultative support from pre-sales to post-cutover.

The Value

The SkyKick platform has empowered Sikich to scale their Office 365 business through:

  • Easy planning, scoping, and pricing that ensures profitability
  • Accelerated migrations that maximize resources and reduce costs
  • Effective project management that supports multiple simultaneous migrations
  • SkyKick’s 100% focus on empowering cloud management for partners
  • Additional projects based on successful Office 365 migrations