Endeavour Solutions delivers rapid recovery for customer victimized by ransomware


Endeavour Solutions, Inc. is a Microsoft Gold ERP, and Microsoft Silver CRM, and Microsoft Gold Cloud consulting firm & Microsoft Partner, focusing on development, implementation, upgrades, support and training for Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV/BC, Dynamics 365 CRM, Azure and Office 365.



Cloud Backup

“Having the right backup system in place is not just beneficial for the customer, it’s a significant benefit for the Partner as well. Backups are like insurance policies; you wonder why you’re bothering until the day that you actually need them. When that day arrives and you can quickly restore everything as it was before a data loss happened, it solidifies the customer relationship and, as we found, opens the doors to new opportunities. All without a significant investment of engineering time.”

The need for Office 365 data protection

Endeavour Solutions has been at the forefront of the move from traditional to cloud IT services. Early on, they recognized that the need for data protection and security is even more critical in the cloud than on-premises solutions. Therefore, to protect their customers and deliver the best customer experience, they recommend a backup solution to all their cloud customers.

This protection extends to their business as well. From accidental deletion to ransomware, the ability to quickly and easily restore data, reduces support costs and improves customer retention.

Making the right data protection choice

Endeavour chose SkyKick Cloud Backup for several reasons:

  • Product innovation: Endeavour wanted to standardize on an Office 365 backup solution that demonstrated a commitment to not only protecting data in traditional forms like email or files, but also where data is moving such as new Office 365 collaboration scenarios like Groups and Teams.
  • Ease of use: According to Chad Smith, Senior Consultant at Endeavour, “It was so easy to set up, use, and manage, it was a ‘no-brainer’ to start offering it to our customers.”
  • Profitability: The ease of use and the free, unlimited support from SkyKick protects the profitability of Endeavour’s recurring revenue as the product takes little time or expertise to set up, perform data restores, or manage. And if any issues arise, SkyKick support is just a free phone call away.
  • Partnership: Endeavour’s confidence in choosing Cloud Backup was also grounded in their experience with the automation, ease of use, and scalability of SkyKick migrations.

The value of data protection delivered

The value of data protection for both Endeavour and one of their customers was recently delivered when a commercial real estate firm became a victim of ransomware.

Customer value

  • $15,000 saved: Without a data protection solution, the company would have been forced to pay the hackers or face even higher business costs due to type and irreplaceable nature of many of the files.
  • Minimal productivity loss: The entire restore, was completed in just a few hours and included every file and version except the two hours of work that had been done since the last backup.
  • More than time or money: Following an attack of any kind, victims realize their vulnerability. By delivering a rapid recovery, Endeavour was able to quickly replace that stress with a sense of confidence and security.

Partner value

  • Solidified partnership: By helping their customer quickly recover from what could have been a devastating ransomware attack, Endeavour solidified their position as a valuable partner.
  • Additional business opportunities: According to Smith, “This experience kicked off the conversation about additional things we could do to help protect their data,” Smith shares. “We proceeded to do consulting work around proper user training, security, things to watch out for, and more. It opened up some new business opportunities for us.”
  • Low cost to deliver high impact: Because it took so little effort to perform the recovery with Cloud Backup, the cost to deliver incredible value to the customer was extremely minimal.