Cordicate partners with SkyKick to scale its Office 365 practice and profitability


Founded in 2001, Cordicate IT has been providing consulting services, managed services, and IT solutions for over 18 years. Its technology services and solutions help customers embrace change and erase boundaries to modernize, automate, and transform the way they do business.


Migration, Cloud Backup, Bundle

“Our goal is to empower customers to achieve more with the peace of mind that their data is protected and secure. Our bundled solution of Office 365, a SkyKick migration, SkyKick Cloud Backup, and our CordiCare Support gives customers exactly that. And it allows us to spend more time focusing on strategy, solving business problems for our customers and helping them achieve their goals.”

The need for more than just cloud services

The cloud has made what was once out-of-reach technology accessible and critical to every SMB. However, for SMBs to realize all the cloud has to offer, they need more than just cloud services. They require strategic consultation to identify and optimize the right cloud solutions for their business.

Cloud practice success

By combining Office 365, a seamless migration, comprehensive data protection, and their premium consultative support, Cordicate has:

  • Accelerated their Office 365 customer base
  • Increased Office 365 profitability
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Keys to scale a cloud practice

Start with the customer

Through consultations with customers, Cordicate identified several common needs across businesses looking to transform their productivity.

  • 53% are worried about high costs and business disruption.
  • 37% businesses delay their move to the cloud due to security concerns
  • 60% SMBs are looking for a trusted IT partner to help them optimize the cloud

Standardize behind a managed services bundle

A key to Cordicate success has been their creation of a strategic offering that includes multiple services designed to address business concerns and optimize the cloud for each customer.

  • The right Office 365 productivity solution and licenses
  • A simple, safe, and seamless migration
  • Comprehensive data protection
  • Strategic consultation to optimize the cloud