Cloud Backup Is Perfect Fit for Platinum Cloud Offering

Anyone who is offering Office 365 without including a backup solution is doing a disservice to their customer, and in the long run to their own business. It’s so important that we refuse to offer it as optional. lt’s automatically included for every Office 365 customer because it makes no sense to not address the risks of data loss for such a low cost.

The Challenge

Cohn Consulting needed a comprehensive Office 365 data protection and recovery solution for their Cohn Care™ premium cloud offering.

The Choice for SkyKick

Cohn Consulting chose SkyKick Cloud Backup to protect their customers’ Office 365 data based on the following:

  • Power of Automation
  • Strategic Product Development
  • Unlimited Backup for fixed cost
  • Flexible Retention
  • Up to 6 snapshots daily
  • Easy to set up, use, and manage


Cohn Consulting understands how critical a backup solution is for Office 365 and chose Sky Kick Cloud Backup due to both its effectiveness as a solution and the support efficiencies it provides. This value, combined with its low, predictable cost makes it an easy element for Cohn Consulting to include for every Office 365 customer. This ensures that from the moment their customers’ data is in Office 365, it is protected.

In addition to effective data protection, Cohn Consulting needed a solution that could find and recover lost data quickly and easily. Therefore, the speed and simplicity of Cloud Backup search and restore was vital. Daniel S. Cohn, President, states, “We tested several scenarios, and were impressed with the Cloud Backup search and restore options as well as how fast and simple it was to rest lost data.”

Cohn Consulting also needed a solution that would fit their business model. They charge customers a fixed price for their IT services, including unlimited support. Therefore, it is vital that elements of their offering are cost-effective and predictable to support. Thus, an equal consideration in their decision for Cloud Backup was how easy it is to set up, use, and manage.