CCB Technology Uses SkyKick to Transform its Office 365 Cloud Business


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Migration Suites

By streamlining each migration project, enabling effective management of multiple migrations, and helping us save customers money while remaining profitable, SkyKick has helped transform our migration practice from a backlog of projects to an efficient, growing business.

The Challenge

Every migration offers its own unique variables and challenges which can make migrations risky, time-consuming, and difficult to manage and scale. CCB Technology previously tried two other migration tools for their Office 365 migrations. However, according to Logan McCoy, VP Services, “With other tools, we ran into many issues that would drag projects to a halt, and because they didn’t save a lot of time over the entire migration project, we had to schedule clients out 8-12 weeks.”

The Choice

McCoy states, “We enjoy how simple SkyKick is, the Outlook Profile configuration, the continued innovation put into the tool, and most importantly the support available to us.” If we run into problems, we can immediately get the SkyKick Support engineers involved to help us come to a quick resolution for our clients. Since switching to SkyKick, we have not had a project that had to be stopped, and we frequently find that issues that would prevent other tools from working are not a problem with SkyKick.” Additional features which have contributed to CCB Technology’s success include:

  • The breadth and depth of automation and visibility across migrations
  • Success across many source environments
  • Comprehensive, scalable project management
  • The ability to easily perform migrations across multiple locations, including remote workers
  • Unlimited, consultative support at every point of the migration

The Value

Nik Lipor, Sales Engineer, reports, “We are now spending about 30% less time on migrations than we were with other tools, and we are also running into fewer issues. Migrations that would have ground to a halt before proceed with no issues using SkyKick.” McCoy adds, “The time saved on every project has meant cost savings for our clients and empowered us to scale our cloud business more profitably.”