BOAB IT Recovers Files after Ransomware Attack, Saves Client Thousands of Dollars


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Cloud Backup

BOAB IT continues to rely more and more on a partnership with SkyKick to protect its customers and their important data.


In October 2016, a customer of BOAB IT fell victim to a ransomware attack, reporting that a mailbox and over 44,000 files on SharePoint totaling over 5 GB of data were locked down. This was accompanied by a ransom request of over $6,000 USD for the key to unencrypt the files.

Due to the costs of restoring that much data and the resulting weeks of lost productivity, for many companies, paying the ransom is usually the only viable option. Fortunately, BOAB IT was using SkyKick Cloud Backup to protect the customer’s Office 365 data.


Several months before the ransomware attack on the law firm, BOAB IT deployed Cloud Backup to protect the law firm’s Office 365 data. With the data securely backed up to Azure, the pre-attack versions of the files were untouched by the malware, and were available for restoration. Additionally, because Cloud Backup identifies and stores all versions of files, not just the most recent, every pre-attack version of every file could be restored.


By successfully recovering all the compromised data, BOAB IT delivered the following value to their customer.

  • Ransom payment savings of over $6,000 USD
  • No need to recreate any versions of the 44,000 encrypted files
  • Minimal productivity loss due to speed of data recovery
  • Peace of mind knowing their data is truly protected
  • Solidified partnership between BOAB IT and their client