Enterprise Migration Suite

A robust alternative to hybrid migrations: Plan, move, set-up and manage 250+ seat cutover or staged migrations

Migration Sync

Keep all the critical pieces in sync

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After the plan has been submitted, SkyKick’s Migration Sync technology orchestrates the entire migration project, keeping all the critical pieces in sync. It automatically adjusts if you or the customer want to change the cutover schedule or make changes to staging groups.

The application pre-syncs, re-syncs and continues to sync post-cutover to virtually eliminate data migration risk.

Server Sync

SkyKick syncs the data before, during, and after the cutover date. This virtually eliminates data migration risk and provides one of the fastest, most flexible, and easiest migration solutions on the market.

Granular Throttling Controls

Keep the source environment healthy throughout the migration process with granular throttling controls that can schedule data synchronization to eliminate end-user disruption.

Account and User Provisioning

Migration Sync provisions the Office 365 account, creates and configures mailboxes and assigns licenses to users according to the migration plan created in the Web Planner.

Mailboxes, Shared Mailboxes, Distribution Groups, Public Folders – and more – can be quickly configured, re-configured and have their data, settings and permissions migrated.

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