Data-Only Email Migrations

Migrate just the mailbox data

Data-Only Application

Just the mailbox data, with the quality and ease you’d expect from SkyKick

DO Start

The Data-Only Migration Application is a high-quality, multi-pass migration application designed for high-fidelity migration of mailbox data.

Data-Only is perfect for customers with deskless workers, Mac shops, and projects where the customer has already done the project work and just needs their data migrated.

The SMB and Enterprise Migration Suites offer best-in-class capabilities to deliver seamless migration projects end-to-end, from Planning to Outlook Setup.

Server Sync

Automatically syncs the data before, during, and after the migration to provide the highest fidelity and most seamless migration on the market.

Keep Office 365 mailbox consistent with the source, even when users update their folder structure.

Mailbox Auto-Match

Automated matching between the source and Office 365 accounts saves you time, effort, and hassle.

Source-Side Impersonation

Migrate all your users with one, master credential.

Real-Time Connectivity

Validates connectivity to all mailboxes during the setup to avoid unexpected delays.

Import CSV

Quick and easy bulk import of users and their credentials.

Migrate when you want

Migrate immediately, or reduce risk by scheduling a migration at a future date and time. Your call.

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