Teams Security with DLP

Secure Microsoft Teams by implementing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) across your customer base.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Microsoft Teams Made Easy Using SkyKick Security Manager

Teams Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a hot topic world-wide, as 100’s of millions of pieces of
sensitive information are still leaked every year by end users.

Safeguard your customers’ Teams data with confidence and ease using Security Manager
by identifying which of your customers’ end users are at risk, customizing breach detection and response capabilities, and running customer-facing reports.

Easily configure DLP best practices in a few simple steps

1. Choose the customers

Select Configure DLP for Microsoft 365 command. Choose any number of customers.

2. Run the command

Toggle the DLP settings to apply to your customers’ tenants and run the command.

That’s it! You’ve just updated DLP to Teams across a single or multiple tenants at once.

Watch the demo

After watching this brief video, you’ll be fully empowered to use SkyKick Security Manager to quickly identify which of your customers’ end users are at risk, to customize detection and response capabilities for breaches, run customer-facing reports, and overall to safeguard your customers’ Teams data with confidence

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