M365 Anti-Spam policy management made easy for MSPs

Manage Anti-Spam polices across all of your Microsoft 365 tenants from one portal
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Reduce user frustration, enable Anti-Spam policies. Security Manager helps you configure Anti-Spam policies for all of your customers at once.

The ever increasing volumes of spam being sent to users inbox continues to be a source of frustration. Properly enforced Anti-Spam Policies from Microsoft 365 help ensure your customers are enjoying a clutter free inbox.

Configure Microsoft 365 Anti-Spam Policies in a few simple steps

1. Run the workflow

Run the Research and Configure Anti-Spam Policies workflow. See which customers need their Anti-Spam policy updated.

2. Choose the customers

Select customers in the Research and Configure Anti-Spam Policy workflow. You can update one or multiple customers at one time.

3. Apply the policy

Run the Configure Anti-Spam Policies workflow. Adjust the Anti-Spam policy as needed, and then hit run!

That’s it! You’ve just enabled Microsoft Anti-Spam Policies across a single or multiple tenants at once.

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