Reduce Admin Login Proliferation

Controls to empower you to manage every admin for every customer

Addressing the challenges of admin login proliferation in Microsoft 365

As businesses increasingly rely on Microsoft 365 for their productivity and collaboration needs, the number of administrators and their associated privileges grows rapidly. This leads to an exponential increase in administrative tasks, making it challenging for MSPs to efficiently manage and monitor these permissions across multiple customer environments.

Reduce admin login proliferation in a few simple steps

1. Run the workflow

Run the Verify and Assign Members to Azure Active Directory Roles workflow. See across all tenants which customers have excessive admin accounts.

2. Get the report

Run the Get Azure Active Directory Roles Assignments Report command. You can view reports for one or multiple customers at once.

3. Set roles assignments

Run the Set Azure Directory Roles Assignments command. Adjust the admin role assignments as needed, and then hit run!

That’s it! You’ve just updated admin access across a single or multiple tenants at once.

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