Simplifying cybersecurity and compliance for MSPs

Mastering the Top 5 M365 security and compliance scenarios to meet cybersecurity and compliance standards: NIST, CIS, Essential 8, Cyber Essential and more 


Customer appetite for cybersecurity and compliance standards is growing

Security Manager and Cloud Backup make it easy to satisfy customers, increase relevance and open doors for new revenue.

84% of security and IT professionals list compliance frameworks as a mandatory requirement for their industries
42% of IT decision makers have plans to increase their cybersecurity and compliance spending

IT Supply Chain: Data compliance and cybersecurity

Customers, MSPs, and vendors all have a role to play. MSPs are in the middle implementing effective solutions from vendors and satisfy needs of customers.

Cybersecurity frameworks & data protection

There are hundreds of compliance standards around the world. Below are a few of the most vital standards. Compliance standards can be complex, requiring time and expertise to understand and deliver to your customers.

Regulatory Body Framework Enforced
Cybersecurity And Infrastructure Agency CISA Cyber Essentials
CPG (Cross-Sector Cybersecurity Performance Goals)
National Cyber Security Centre Cyber Essentials Mandatory when working with UK Government Suppliers
European Union 10 Minimum Measures EU Cybersecurity Regulation
Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik IT-Grundschutz Recommended
Australian Cyber Security Centre Essential 8 Recommended
Cert NZ
New Zealand’s Computer Emergency Response Team 10 Critical Controls Recommended

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CIS Controls Reference Guide
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Essential 8 Reference Guide for MSPs
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Ransomware + M365 Backup Compliance
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Key similarities across compliance frameworks

SkyKick has developed a simplified method for MSPs to consider managing compliance controls. Master the Top 5 Microsoft 365 security and compliance scenarios and you will be in a strong position to meet 90% of your customers’ compliance needs.

Current Security Posture

Monitor and report on a customer’s M365 security posture on a regular basis

Mailbox Security

Create anti-phishing policies settings with Microsoft recommendation to improve Microsoft Secure Score


Protect and more importantly recover fast from data loss

Access Control

Build a game plan to ensure all access is protected for end users that will endure

Data Control, Privacy, and Protection

Configure Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and comprehensive Microsoft 365 tenant-level security

SkyKick simplifies compliance

While MSPs and customers vary, a shared foundation exists for integrating SMB-relevant compliance seamlessly with core Microsoft 365 MSP offerings. Both Security Manager (for proactive security execution) and Cloud Backup (for data protection) play critical roles in mapping to compliance frameworks. As an example, the capabilities these products deliver help meet cybersecurity and compliance standards such as Australia Essential Eight and CIS controls and more.

Engage 100% of your M365 customers on security. Deliver immediate values with ready to use reports. Stand up a proactive security service and make $30-50K revenue in Year 1.

Scores and Top Vulnerabilities

Effective tooling to get a comprehensive view of where the vulnerabilities are in the system – within your business and the tenants you manage. Do this proactively to avoid getting hit with reactive tickets. Watch a demo

Dynamic Solutions Panel

Smart approaches and automation to deliver solutions – fast, efficiently and consistently. Speedy delivery to keep the customer happy, Efficient to keep the cost manageable. And consistent to build a repeatable delivery model. Watch a demo

Ready-to-Use Reporting

Customer engagement is crucial in security. If you’re doing a perfect job, the customer will never see an incident and may question the value of your services. Sharing a view of the threats you’re preventing and resolving is the key to retaining and upselling customers. Customers see you as a different kind of MSP and a trusted advisor. Watch a demo

Utilize a trusted and secure data protection solutions for your customers with technology that provides multi-level data compliance and zero data misplacement risk.

Comprehensive Recovery

Cloud Backup provides a range of comprehensive recovery options, including full restorations, individual item or file (granular) restorations, and the ability to restore data from specific points in time (point-in-time recovery). Try it now

WORM (Write Once, Ready Many) Data Storage Principle

Cloud Backup adheres to the WORM data storage principle which means that once snapshots are created, they cannot be modified or deleted.

RBAC (Role-Based Access Control)

Cloud Backup provides granular controls tailored to the privilege level and role of each user. Unprivledged users can not access backups belonging to other accounts.

SkyKick Trust Center

Data is at the heart of SkyKick, and we take the security and privacy of that data seriously.
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