Win customers and build a profitable Office 365 business

Introducing our MSP Cloud Success Toolkit

Play it Right to Win in the Cloud

Office 365 is creating massive wealth for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that are making the most of it. Drawing from our experience of 30,000 MSPs, listen to some best practices to help you play smart and win as well.

1: Approach to Cloud Transformation
2: Tapping Into a Huge Opportunity
3: Maximizing Subscriber Profitability
4: Scaling Operations Cost-Effectively
5: Differentiation to Generate Demand
6: Enhancing Customer Cloud Experiences
7: Bundling for Economic Growth
A fuzzy pipeline doesn’t impress CXOs or the Board. A data-driven one does.

Introducing Our Office 365 Calculator

Acquire customers at scale

Top performing MSPs are doubling down on their Office 365 seat acquistion and on-premises migrations. Are you?

Increase your Managed Services mix

Cloud-savvy MSPs are deploying bundling strategies to grow their Managed Services ARPU YoY by almost 25%. Do you?

Transition O365 seats to Managed Service

Best of the best MSPs are upselling subscription-based IP and recurring revenue services like backup at renewals. Can you?

Every Office 365 Partner Success Story is a Tale of Constant Adaption and Change

Introducing Our Office 365 Assessment

Assess and evaluate your current state

Your Office 365 Partner Transformation Index (OPTI) enables you to evaluate your current business footprint and identify key success drivers.

Benchmark yourself against top performers

Your OPTI compares your business performance against the successful cloud MSPs, across all critical aspects of cloud transformation.

Uncover your path to profitability

Your OPTI triggers actionable and quantifiable recommendations that serve as a blueprint to accelerate cloud success.

Rethink Your Business for Success with Office 365

Introducing Our Office 365 Cloud Success Playbook

Formulate a Cloud Business Strategy
Refine Sales Incentives
Invest in Sales and Delivery Readiness
Evolve Business & Financial Management
Articulate your Sales Strategy
Infuse Automation into Operations
Leverage Marketing