What you need to know about Microsoft Planner in 2024 

Microsoft Planner is about to undergo a significant transformation, and for MSPs, this is more than just a routine update. It represents a new frontier in collaborative work management, that offers a seamless user experience. Join us as we uncover how this upcoming Planner upgrade will create valuable opportunities for your MSP practice and the importance of protecting your customers’ Planner data in 2024.   

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Microsoft’s upcoming integrated planner update

In the evolving landscape of workforce management, a staggering 62% of employees find themselves in an endless search for information, while another 57% dedicate a majority of their time to communication instead of driving outcomes. Because of this, Microsoft is upgrading Planner this year to effortlessly scale from basic task management to handling enterprise-level projects. This unified experience will empower businesses to manage their work seamlessly in one place, fostering collaboration from small tasks to massive initiatives. The new 2024 Planner blends the simplicity of Microsoft To Do, the robust features of Microsoft Project for the web, and the intelligence of Microsoft Copilot, promising its users a cohesive and familiar platform.

The scheduled release

According to Microsoft, the updated Planner rollout will unfold in two phases: 

Phase 1: The initial release of the Planner app integrated within Teams is expected to occur early this year. 

Phase 2: In Phase 2, a web-based Planner experience is set to follow later in the year along with the integration of features from Microsoft Project for the web.  

The impact on your Microsoft 365 customers

As Microsoft directs its focus toward Planner, anticipate a surge in customer attention and adoption. The integration of Planner within Teams positions it for enhanced customer engagement in 2024. Drawing from MSP’s lessons of the Microsoft Team’s launch in 2017 and its rise during the pandemic, finding the balance between proper governance and the freedom to explore is pivotal for fostering healthy adoption.

Three Planner opportunities for your MSP Practice

With Microsoft Planner getting more popular in 2024, it’s smart to get ahead of the game. Three immediate growth opportunities lie ahead for MSPs: 

1. Deploying Planner for stronger team management   

MSPS should lead the deployment of Planner for their customers. Workforce management applications are a booming industry and Microsoft is well-positioned to gain momentum through its deep integration with Microsoft Teams. The successful deployment will require a deep understanding of your customers’ unique workflows and how they can leverage Planner to drive better team management and collaboration. 

2. Drive Planner Adoption to accelerate Microsoft 365 usage

Post-deployment opens the door to stronger adoption. As an MSP, Planner provides the opportunity for stronger Microsoft 365 usage for your customers to drive better productivity outcomes. This includes engaging customers on how to leverage the Teams Meetings Notes integration into Planner or on how to leverage Copilot and the power of AI to kickstart project plans. Overall, there is ample opportunity for MSPs to have value-driven interactions that can transform the way your customers operate.  

3. Data Protected; Plan Perfected

Amid escalating data risks, safeguarding your customers’ data is a must. Now, more than ever, it is vital to ensure that your chosen Microsoft 365 vendor is not just providing protection but offering comprehensive coverage. With Planner being integrated even closer to the Teams experience, protecting Planner data will become imperative. SkyKick Cloud Backup stands out by offering comprehensive protection and data recovery for both bulk and granular restores across tasks, buckets, and plans.  

Additionally, MSPs must not only offer scalable data protection services but also engage in transparent, efficient communication and utilize cutting-edge tools like SkyKick Cloud Backup’s Smart Insights for clear data visualization. As customers integrate a new array of services within Microsoft 365, proactive engagement in addressing potential data protection gaps becomes essential. By adopting these strategies, MSPs can ensure comprehensive coverage and foster a deeper sense of trust and partnership with their clients. 

Get ahead today!

For Partners who want to start engaging with customers today, you can download this FREE to-customer email template to spark those early Planner discussions with your customers. This will kick start the engagement on what Planner means to their business and the importance of data protection. 

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