SkyKick Technical Training

Technical Training Series Now Available

Introducing a new training series for SkyKick Partners

In the world of the cloud, MSPs need to manage a growing number of rapidly evolving technology solutions. This can make it challenging to onboard new technology and train new people, as well as keep pace with expanding features and functionality.

As a 100% to-partner only company, we are only as successful as our partners. That is why we invest so heavily in providing all the resources our partners need to get the most out of our technology, including:

  • Unlimited, free phone and email support, from pre-sales consultation to project completion at
  • Comprehensive technical documentation in our Help Center
  • Sales and business resources in our Readiness Hub
Get even more out of SkyKick technology with new resources

To empower our partners to get even more value out of SkyKick technology, we are launching a series of technical training modules across our products and platform. Whether you are new to SkyKick or looking for a refresher course, these modules are designed to help you learn and master our technology more efficiently and scale your cloud business more successfully.

Module 1: Optimize every Office 365 email migration project

The first module, Migration Configuration Training, is designed to help those planning and managing Office 365 email migrations to optimize SkyKick technology for each unique customer and project. SkyKick automation significantly reduces the manual effort of every migration, but not every project is the same. That is why we offer a variety of ways partners can configure the automation to address the unique needs and goals of each project. Getting the most value out of SkyKick automation therefore requires understanding the options and how to select the right ones for individual migration projects.

Take advantage of SkyKick automation flexibility across six core configuration areas

In this module, we cover the details and decision factors of each configuration area shown below; along with tips, best practices, and resources to help you successfully implement each option available within that area. 

SkyKick Technical Training

Learn at your own pace with easy-to-consume content

Each section within the Migration Configuration module includes:

  • A short video introduction
  • A study guide (PDF) with decision flow charts, tables, and guidance
  • Links to relevant Help Center articles to learn how to accurately perform each configuration
  • Request for feedback on how we can improve our training materials and documentation
More modules coming soon

In the next month, we’ll release the Migration Scoping and Planning module to help partners use SkyKick tools and resources to accurately scope, price, and plan every migration project for a more scale-able and profitable migration practice.

If you have ideas of what more we can do to help you learn and master SkyKick technology, please send an email to