SkyKick achieves Data Pro Certified Status

SkyKick yet again achieved another big milestone in relation to its compliance with the GDPR which we are happy to share with our partners: SkyKick B.V. – our EMEA HQ operations out of Amsterdam, The Netherlands – was recently recently awarded the Data Pro Code Certified Status !

The Data Pro Code, which was formally approved by the Dutch Supervisory Authority in late August, is the first Code of Conduct which is independently audited for a processor’s compliance with the GDPR. With the Schrems II case in mind and the need for additional safeguards to complement the SCC, we also submitted our warrant review procedure to the Data Pro Code auditor –  which is now available to SkyKick Partners and their customers under a non-disclosure agreement.

The Data Pro Certificate was awarded based on an extensive external audit of SkyKick’s policies, procedures and the most recent updates of the SkyKick Data Processing Agreement (DPA). We were assessed on every main component of our compliance with the GDPR and SkyKick achieved an average score of 43 out of 50. This is considered a high score.

We have now published our Data Pro Statement as an attachment to our DPA, which you can find here:

Obviously we continue to closely monitor the developments concerning Schrems II and the further guidance from the European Data Protection Board and the EU Commission on SCC and additional safeguards. As we learn more we will continue to nimbly take the necessary actions to protect our EU/EEA business. So should we need to take additional technical measures to provide further safeguards then the ones we offer today, we believe our partners and their end-customers will continue to have the immediate advantage.

SkyKick’s data privacy team can be reached at for data privacy inquiries, GDPR questions and further information about its continuous compliance efforts.



Data Pro Certificate SkyKick B.V. – English

Data Pro Certificate SkyKick B.V. – Dutch 

Data Pro Audit Report of SkyKick B.V – Office translation to English

Data Pro Audit Report of SkyKick B.V – Dutch