SkyKick Cloud Backup Now Includes Microsoft Teams Chat

Soaring Microsoft Teams usage reinforces the need for comprehensive coverage

Since its launch in 2016, Microsoft Teams has skyrocketed to success. Offering it as an add-on to existing users of Microsoft 365 proved to be a game-changer and caught the eye of many businesses looking for a cost-effective collaboration platform. This coupled with the onset of a hybrid workforce, added to the rapid expansion, with the daily active user count more than doubling between 2021 and 2022.

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Today, Microsoft Teams has seen a 10-fold customer increase globally, with a current user base of 270 million; the impressive feat, dwarfing Slack’s active user count of 18 million. And while Microsoft Teams has empowered businesses to thrive through the pandemic and into the modern world of remote and hybrid work, this noteworthy increase in Microsoft Teams usage has brought about an unprecedented need for IT service providers to deliver the comprehensive data protection that customers need to confidently get the most out of all that Microsoft Teams has to offer.

The value of Teams Chat protection may be overlooked

As usage continues to expand, companies increasingly rely on Microsoft Teams for their business-critical communication, and protecting the data has become a priority. And while many backup solutions protect a majority of Microsoft Teams data, one key component that is often overlooked is Teams Chat. Despite claiming to offer comprehensive coverage, some vendors either don’t offer Chats coverage or make other compromises to work around Microsoft’s API architecture for posts and chats. This leaves their customers vulnerable with a gap in their protection plan.

Microsoft Teams stores essential information for many businesses across channels, posts, and files. While chats may appear on the surface to be mere simple conversations with little or no inherent business value, they can include critical information that if lost could significantly impact customer compliance and business productivity.

Organizations need to ensure that their valuable chats, ideas, strategies, and processes are securely backed up and retained for future reference. For instance, sharing of external links can be a key source of information for organizations, and unfortunately, chat messages are often the only record of these critical resources. What’s more, chats may contain information that is necessary for legal, compliance, and HR purposes – the more reason for organizations to ensure chat backup and archiving. Microsoft’s recent guidance for end-users to delete chats in order to “declutter” lists, has only increased this need for organizations to be able to retrieve any information that is important or relevant.

All of this raises the stakes for IT partners to choose wisely and ensure that their backup solution covers Teams Chat to fully protect customers.  This often involves understanding a few nuances and having to go beyond whether the “box is checked” for Chats in a Backup solution. 

SkyKick Cloud Backup now protects Teams Chat

To help partners manage the climb in the platform’s usage, SkyKick has added support for Microsoft Teams chats to its already comprehensive backup coverage for Microsoft Teams.  This ensures that as more business data moves from traditional collaboration applications into the various components of Microsoft Teams including Teams Chat, partners can provide the data protection their customers need. With the addition of support for Microsoft Teams chats with SkyKick Cloud Backup, IT service providers can offer their customers truly comprehensive Microsoft Teams data protection, saving partners from excessive support costs, avoiding financial and legal troubles due to lost data, and increasing customer satisfaction.

(A) Microsoft Teams, (B&D) standard and private channels, (C) files, (E) posts, and private channel membership, (F) Teams Chat 

Protection included at no extra charge

Data backup services are essential for MSPs to provide their customers with a secure solution. However, due to the limitations and costs of Microsoft APIs related to chats, some vendors offer limited or no protection for Teams Chat, while still claiming to be able to provide comprehensive backup for Teams. Other vendors may offer similar protection but pass along the cost and burden of providing the service.

At SkyKick, we are dedicated to offering the most comprehensive backup solutions in the market. Our mission is to make our Partners’ operations simpler and faster—so they can deliver unparalleled service to their customers. That is why in spite of Microsoft API costs and limitations, we have chosen to include Teams Chat protection without any additional charges,  maximizing value for everyone.

We are excited to bring our valued partners the latest in cloud backup solutions. Your existing SkyKick Cloud Backup subscription has been automatically upgraded with the latest Teams Chat coverage – no additional steps required! Enjoy the added value and peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is protected with the best technology available.

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To our current Partners

Take advantage of your new Microsoft Teams Chat coverage and access our Help Center document, Restoring Microsoft Teams Chat to gain a quick understanding of the features and unlock the full potential of your plan.

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