Self-Service Migration and Backup Apps Taking Off

It’s been a fun few weeks talking with Partners after the launch of our self-service migration and backup apps at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016.

Here’s a short refresher on the self-service syndicated apps: Once you have embedded SkyKick’s white-label migration and backup products directly on your website, customers can initiate a migration order to Office 365 or a backup subscription to back up their Office 365 Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business data THEMSELVES, but you remain in control. You are notified that an order has been initiated, and you can review the details and follow up with the new customer to complete the order.

(Read more on this blog about the launch of Syndication)

We’ve had a number of partners launch self-service migration and backup widgets on their own websites already, and more are jumping on board every day.

Partners are most excited that the apps –

  • Are simple to get started
    • There are just 10 lines of code to copy/paste
  • Eases Partner effort on smaller customers
    • Of course every new deal is important, but the syndicated apps let the customer do some of the work for you. Customers input essential details themselves, saving you time, and providing you with vital information before your initial contact with them.
  • Generates new leads and increases the ROI on Digital Marketing efforts
    • Now, instead of running Digital Marketing campaigns and asking customers to call in for more information, the marketing efforts drive potential customers directly to starting an order through the syndicated app. It’s a much stronger and simpler Call to Action.
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Learn more about Syndication with these 2 articles in the SkyKick Help Center:

Overall, these self-service apps increase your business efficiency by reducing the time spent on each new customer. And they help differentiate you from your competitors by bringing migration and backup one step closer to the customer.

Keep watching this blog. We’ll continue to add features and provide tips to help you scale your business. In the coming weeks, we’ll also discuss how SkyKick syndicated apps help you become a more efficient business by matching the appropriate engineering resources to each Migration project.