Safeguard productivity for customers using Microsoft Teams

From recent SkyKick webinars, hear MSPs and Cloud Experts speak to the rise in cybercrime and provide best practices for MSPs to both protect their customers and accelerate their cloud practice.

Microsoft Teams usage has surged, but so have security threats – safeguard customer data first

The pandemic changed work for SMBs in your region and globally. While a few businesses are back in office full-time, hybrid and remote work are the new normal for many.

Staying connected and organized in secure hybrid environments has never been more critical to your customers than it is now. Those concerns are well founded. Microsoft recently shared in June 2022,

“Microsoft tracks dozens of security threats (APTs) – cybercriminals are your biggest threat… statistically it’s almost certain that some of you have attackers in your network right now preparing a ransomware attack.”
– Jonathan Davis, Principal Security Program Manager, Microsoft

With users working in varied locations across devices and using multiple Microsoft 365 applications, including Teams, Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, etc., there’s a proliferation of data that is exposed– all the time. Implementing proper security solutions including antivirus, anti-malware, etc. is necessary, but MSPs should first take this critical step in safeguarding their customers’ productivity: Set up a comprehensive Cloud Backup to keep your customers’ M365 data protected – including Teams.

Backup ensures that if your customers encounter a breach, attack, or user error, they don’t experience downtime with the ability to immediately restore their data and keep working. This is critical to their productivity.

To alleviate your customers’ security concerns about adopting and using Teams in hybrid environments, it’s essential that the data protection you provide is comprehensive. Yet with all the economic forces that are pressuring MSPs, comprehensive is not enough. More than ever, MSP services must be easy to implement, manage, and support. In addition to protecting margins, MSPs must now consider how services can help them address staff challenges, including the costs and time required for onboarding, training, and retaining staff. Therefore, the right backup solution must be as easy to use as it is comprehensive, especially as it is the first service within your full cybersecurity offering to support.

SkyKick Cloud Backup fits those comprehensive and simple needs. , covering Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams – including Channels, Folders, Posts and more. It also fits the need for simplicity because it is 100% in the cloud, features one-click back up and restore. and includes free phone and email support for MSPs.

Here’s a detailed example of how SkyKick Cloud Backup supports MSPs in securing Teams data in a simple to maintain and manage way is exemplified in the coverage of Microsoft Teams channels. Read on for more.

Specifically Support Microsoft Teams channels, which are foundational to digital collaboration

Teams channels are the collaboration spaces within a Team where the actual work gets done. These dedicated sections provide a comprehensive environment for digital productivity and collaboration. Channels empower your customers to interact with anyone critical to the purpose of the channel, including external users. They are a place where you can chat, hold meetings, add files, and collaborate with ease. Because each Team can have multiple channels, separate channels can be created based on topics, subprojects, roles, and more. Each channel then provides its own collaboration environment that can be focused on a component of the overall Team. Based on feedback from our partners, backup of Teams standard and private channels, including posts is now the most requested backup feature from customers.

A private channel is helpful in these scenarios:

  • A group of people in a team want a focused space to collaborate without creating a separate team.
  • A subset of people in a team wants a private channel to discuss sensitive information, such as budgets, resourcing, strategic positioning, and so on. 

SkyKick Cloud Backup supports the complete backup and restore of Microsoft Teams Channels – Standard and Private – including files and posts.  

As Private Channels are a secure group within a team, SkyKick also backs up and restores the members of each of those private channels.

SkyKick Cloud Backup: Teams and Channels now available (A – E)Up Next: Chat (F)

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The hybrid work environment is here to stay. Is your organization optimized to deliver?

The pandemic has changed work globally, for many SMBs hybrid and remote work are the new normal. Microsoft Teams continues to shine as a versatile hybrid office tool. However, as ransomware and malware attacks skyrocket, the need for reliable, secure backup has never been greater. SkyKick Cloud Backup makes it easy for you to safeguard productivity and deliver peace of mind to your customers.

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