Office 365 Backup: 5 Things You Should Know 

Office 365 is known for powerful tools that drive communication, empower content creation, and promote collaboration. No wonder it is the top-of-the-line cloud-based productivity suite! Everything is right where you need it. However, it is not known for its quick recovery time in the event data is lost, corrupted, or breached. This is where Office 365 backups make all the difference to offices and IT providers. Being able to access files quickly when you need them is an obvious benefit to any backup service, but protecting those files is crucial. Office 365 data backups enable you to protect your work and the private data of customers and clients. This data can be sensitive in nature, making a data breach all the more catastrophic if there is no backup. We know a thing or two about Office 365 backups, so here are five things you should know when protecting data.

1. Better Together

While Office 365 is a sophisticated tool for organizing data, it thrives when coupled with a cloud-based backup program. Backups quickly and easily restore data that may have been leaked, corrupted, or lost. This is invaluable if you are ever faced with the task of restoring data. Restoring data can take months if you do not have a backup plan. 50% of small and midsize businesses have no backup plan, as Office 365 does not include backup. The right backup service means that recovery time is measured in minutes, instead of months, further promoting productivity and security.

2. Profitability

Clients and customers feel more confident when they know their data is secure. They want to work with offices and businesses that value sensitive and private data. This reliability keeps clients and partners connected, which can lead to increased revenue as they continue working together. Office 365 backups are also affordable, including fixed pricing and low overages and in some cases unlimited backup storage. Pricing may be a turn-off for some, but how does that compare to the cost of a breach or loss? Ensuring data protection and support also secures your bottom line, creating a launching pad for increased profitability.

3. Intuitive Platforming

Backup for Office 365 gives IT providers another tool in their defenses. The service is easy to set up, manage, and access for data recovery. Its simple interface guarantees one-click data recovery. The automated discovery can detect when there are new users and content, with the added option of automated backup filing.

4. Countless Solutions

Just like Office 365, the right backup offers countless solutions to protect small businesses. Backups can protect the full scope of 365’s offered services. This also includes Exchange Online information, such as mail, calendars, contacts, and notes. SharePoint libraries and data, OneDrive files and folders, and 365 Groups and Teams can also count on stored data protection. What happens in Office 365 can easily be protected and replenished in the event of undesirable loss and other circumstances.

5. Not If, But When

While cloud-based platforming offers optimal storage and options for small businesses, it does not prevent the risk of data loss. Over 80% of all data breaches or losses are attributed not to threat actors, but human error. 42% of companies experienced a data loss in 2020 while 41% reported lost productivity due to lack of timely restore. This makes data losses or breaches not a matter of “if”, but “when”. Losses range from accidental deletion to malicious attacks from viruses or malware. One hour of downtime can cost a small business approximately $8,000. Around 40-60% of small businesses will never reopen after data loss. The price of a backup service is preferable to the cost of data loss.

Office 365 backup for data ensures privacy and peace of mind for its users. Office 365 is comprehensive and organized in how data is managed and protected. Coupling Office 365 with SkyKick can take client, business, and overall satisfaction and safety to the next level. Find out how SkyKick can protect you today.