What’s New in the Help Center – Updating articles for Migrations from Google to Office 365 technology changes and more

Article Updates

Over the last few weeks, thanks to partner feedback and requests, we have updated several articles to make them more useful. This included:

  • adjusting the instructions to configure a Service Account in the Google Developer Console to match recent changes made by Google 
  • providing instructions for the Microsoft AutoDiscover Connectivity Analyzer
  • adding information on the Directory Synchronization Scheduler


Easier to Print

We’ve updated how articles print out from the Help Center. You’ll see that the end product is cleaner and easier to read. From most browsers, you should be able to use the “Print” shortcut (Ctrl+P) to print a usable document. If there are any “accordion” headings, be sure to open them all before using (Ctrl+P).


Need New Content from SkyKick?

  • If there is anything that would be useful for us to add or improve, please let us know at support@skykick.com.  
  • Our primary focus in the Help Center is to provide the most accurate and helpful information in a way that is easy to find and consume. If an article is helpful or not, please let us know by clicking the thumb up or thumb down icon at the bottom of the article.


Greg, Sr. Technical Writer, on behalf of Team SkyKick

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