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Matt Hintzke-4071This week we’re featuring Matt Hintzke, Software Engineer.

How long have you been a part of the SkyKick Engineering team?

I have been working at SkyKick for over 4 years now. 

What attracted you to SkyKick?

I wanted to work in an environment that promoted innovation and self-growth whilst being a global competitor in IT, with ambitious goals to move the business forward. SkyKick was the perfect opportunity for me out of school to begin my career, as it was small enough to offer me  1-on-1 time with highly skilled senior engineers to learn and grow. Today it’s an international corporation, with influence all around the world, and yet still remains rooted in that mindset of providing 1-on-1 time for personal development and growth.

What is your current role and which Product do you work on?

I am a full stack Software Engineer for the Cloud Backup team. This allows me to work on new features and problem solve on a variety of areas of the application, without being limited in technology or language.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
I highly enjoy the variety of work that comes with being a full stack developer. One day I’m implementing elegant user interfaces along side our design team and another day I’m squeezing memory optimizations out of a distributed microservice. Every day comes with its own unique challenges that really feeds my hunger for innovation. 

What’s your favorite feature you helped build and why?

Our Cloud Backup product ensures that all of your Exchange mailboxes and SharePoint sites get securely backed up and restored at your will. Sometimes this means backing up terabytes and even petabytes of data at a time. One feature I helped add to the product was “Smart Search” that allows command-like terms and keywords to be used with our native Search capabilities in order to target specific properties and types of documents within your tenant. This extra functionality allows power users to more effectively refine their search and kick off that Restore faster than ever.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

In my spare time I love playing video games with some friends, biking around the many trails and roads of the PNW, and cooking up something new for dinner that has caught my eye.

What is one of your favorite movie lines?
“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get” – Forrest Gump.

Other than building software, if you could do anything else what would it be?

I would probably want to be in the medical field. I enjoy solving problems and helping others, and that has always been a major interest of mine outside of software engineering.

Tabs or Spaces?

4 spaces!

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