Major SkyKick cloud platform updates allow IT pros to extend and build cloud management solutions

We have big news!

Today we announced in the press a major evolution to our cloud management platform, and we’re excited to share this news with you here on our blog.

For as long as we’ve existed, our relentless focus has been on enabling IT solution providers to succeed in the cloud. First, we worked hard to ensure that partners could move their customers to the cloud in a more efficient, low-risk, highly automated way with the SkyKick Migration Suites.

Then we followed that up in 2015 with our launch of the SkyKick Cloud Backup and SkyKick Cloud Manager products to help IT pros protect and manage their customers in the cloud, while also growing recurring revenues.


The primary way to consume these products has traditionally been through the white-labelled experience on Yet our vision has always been to create a platform that gives our partners as much control as possible in how they consume our cloud management technology.

New Ways to Extend & Build Cloud Management Solutions

We’re excited to be launching new ways for IT providers to extend and build cloud management solutions using SkyKick. We’ve made our platform available however you want it, giving you the freedom to choose the way that works best for your unique business and your customers.


How this helps Partners

This evolution creates 4 ways to use SkyKick’s cloud management products, and will create exciting benefits for partners:

  • NEW – Syndication:  SkyKick syndicated apps on your website / ecommerce experience are great for enabling new self-service or assisted-service scenarios for your customers. Partners tell us they’re most intrigued by the ability to extend the white-labelled SkyKick experience to their own websites. Syndication will also help to simplify sales/marketing and boost profitability. (Available immediately preceding WPC on July 6th)
  • NEW – APIs: APIs are now generally available to enable IT partners to develop a customized cloud management experience for their customers, with 100% customization of the user experience. Partners can now develop integrated, innovative experiences on top of SkyKick technology, a capability that will be particularly powerful for mass migration partners. (Available now)


  • Marketplace / Disti: SkyKick’s migration and backup applications will also be available on some of the world’s largest distributor marketplaces, such as SYNNEX CLOUDSolv and ALSO Cloud Marketplace.
  • The easiest way to start with SkyKick, partners can use as a 100% white label experience to manage their customers’ cloud needs with migration, backup and management products.

Whether a partner wants to put our white-label cloud management apps on their website, customize them with our APIs, access via a cloud marketplace or use, SkyKick is now available however you want.



We couldn’t be more excited about these platform enhancements, and will be demoing and sharing more at Microsoft WPC July 10-14th.

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Evan Co-Founder and Co-CEO on behalf of Team SkyKick.