Magnitech Solutions Partner Spotlight

The team of IT experts at Magnitech Solutions, Inc. in Naperville, Illinois prides itself on providing “white glove” service to clients, who get to enjoy all of the benefits of working with an enterprise-strength IT department but at a fraction of the cost. Their  managed IT services include -site and remote support, cloud services, project work, virtual CIO and more, providing clients a single point of contact to address all of their IT issues.
Two of the many things that set Magnitech apart from their competitors are their employees and their delivery. Of course, as Matt Altschul, Magnitech’s COO, points out, “Everyone says they have great people and technology. It means nothing until you’re actually experiencing it! We’re very hands-on and attentive, and we really do get things done quickly. For example, our customers have all come to expect that we’ll respond in less than 15 minutes.”

Magnitech has fully embraced the cloud…and SkyKick

When Magnitech first decided to offer cloud services, they went “all in,” obtaining space in a data center and building their own private cloud for their clients’ use. Now, almost every deal Magnitech does involves moving data and applications off of on-premises environments, so their clients can enjoy the benefits of cloud services instead. This includes migrating clients from on-premises Exchange to Office 365. Magnitech notes that the SkyKick Migration Suite has been a big part of their success.

SkyKick’s Office 365 email migration tool simplifies the migration process for Magnitech

Magnitech’s President, Tim Pabich, first learned about SkyKick at the ConnectWise annual IT Nation event in 2015. After seeing how much SkyKick simplifies the email migration process—especially when the Outlook Assistant feature is used—Pabich was hooked. Now the Magnitech team can’t imagine going back to the “old days” when migrations involved lots of time-consuming manual processes. In fact, they’ve made SkyKick a requirement for all their Office 365 migration projects.

“SkyKick makes our life easy,” says Matt, “turning what used to be a very cumbersome deal into a project that’s so simple it’s now part of almost all of our roadmaps.”

“I recently completed a SkyKick migration myself and was again very impressed at how efficiently every step was completed as expected. In fact, I was able to work on five other things during the process, knowing that the email migration was completing on its own. All I had to do, was just  monitor the progress, and then follow up to make sure everyone was happy. It made my day to save six to eight hours of time working on mailboxes!”


SkyKick’s Cloud Backup for Office 365 completes the package

As part of their effort to move clients to Office 365, Magnitech recognized the necessity of a robust backup solution. They were concerned that Microsoft’s offering would be insufficient on its own, especially in situations where a rogue employee maliciously deletes a mailbox or a team member does something by mistake. They realized that, depending on how much time has elapsed, there may be no way to recover the data using just Microsoft alone.

“Office 365 is great,” Matt observes, “but Microsoft does not guarantee data will be recovered fully. They guarantee uptime and server availability, but not data. However, data protection is something that we see as mandatory.”

Magnitech first tried SkyKick Cloud Backup because of its price point with migration bundles. Once they tried it, they were impressed by the product’s superiority. Today, Magnitech is able to ensure their clients’ Office 365 data is properly backed up.

“We sell SkyKick Cloud Backup as part of a bundle and we require it,” Matt says. “We believe we have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure our clients’ data is protected. In cases when clients have needed us to recover Office 365 data for them, SkyKick ensures the data is there, not to mention the recovery process is simple and straightforward.”

These tools help Magnitech sell more cloud services

With most of the migration automated and handled by the SkyKick Migration Suite, Magnitech has been able to greatly reduce its migration fees. Between the lower costs and the promise of a simple migration process, saying “yes” has become a no-brainer for their clients. “We get very little pushback from people,” Matt notes. “They agree that they prefer to pay on a subscription basis and like the fact that it’s so simple to make the move.”

Recurring revenue is the lifeblood of an MSP, and the recurring revenue that Magnitech receives from SkyKick Cloud Backup licenses contributes to their ongoing profitability..  But most importantly, Matt finds that Magnitech’s clients know they’re getting a great value for their money – everyone can sleep well knowing that proper backups are taking place.

SkyKick’s free support is a big plus

Matt’s advice for other IT Partners that want to successfully use SkyKick’s products is to take advantage of SkyKick’s free, unlimited phone and email support. “SkyKick has some of the best support on the planet!” Matt exclaims. “If there’s ever something that doesn’t seem quite right or that is not moving the way you expect, or if you just have a question, pick up the phone and call. Don’t just sit there spinning your wheels. Call. You’ll get a person on the line and they’ll be able to help you.”