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What’s a SAM? Internally, we call our support technicians SAMs (SkyKick Account Managers) because of their level of technical expertise and their collaborative, consultative approach to helping partners. When partners call into our free, unlimited phone and email support, they immediately get someone with the knowledge to investigate, troubleshoot, and resolve Partner questions.
This week we’re featuring Joana Rocha, Technical Account Manager.

In your own words, describe your role at SkyKick.

I am a Technical Account Manager. My goal is to ensure that all our Partners are successful and grow their cloud business, utilizing our technologies. I do this as a dedicated resource, managing accounts and projects for several of our largest U.S. Partners. I also contribute to our Help Center, help train new support team members, and am an escalation point for support. And with whatever time I have left, I still answer phone calls and emails. 

Tell us the journey of what attracted you to SkyKick

The opportunity to work at a downtown Seattle startup in the cloud business. 

How has your career progressed at SkyKick?

I started as a product specialist and quickly moved into the Senior Product Specialist role. I then was promoted into the Technical Account Manager position.   

What are your passions at work?

I enjoy empowering Partners to be rock stars with their customers. This includes assisting partners resolve complex issues and delight their customers. I also enjoy nurturing and solidifying long term relationships with our Partners. I am also passionate about understanding the ins and outs of our product at an expert level. I immensely enjoy working collaboratively with my internal team. Part of that includes communicating partner feedback to our product team to help SkyKick continue to build products that empower partner success. 

How do you balance your work with the rest of your life? 

Many would say that I don’t, that I’m horrible at it because I work all the time. But I love it! So I guess it’s the right balance for me! 

What more can you tell us about yourself?

For about half my life I was planning on being in Medicine.  When I moved from Portugal to the U.S. I started studying engineering.  I got a part time job working with video games and started to really love the tech field. My curiosity got the best of me, as I can’t stop researching and learning about how things work.  

Superpower Choice: 

Read minds! Who wouldn’t? 

Proudest Accomplishment: 

Moving to the United States at 18 with no supporting family. 

Favorite Pastime: 

Cooking, crafts and reading.  

Surprising Fact: 

Some people think theyre funny, but I know it (no matter what any of my colleagues may say). If this IT career doesn’t work out, watch for my talk show or standup comedy tour.  




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