How SkyKick helps migrate from mixed-protocol email environments

SkyKick comprehensive automation streamlines migrations to Office 365 from all the major email protocols. But what if a customer has a mix of source email protocols? Yes, it may add some complexity, especially if there is more than one protocol on a domain. But even then, we have you covered!


Partners have leveraged SkyKick technology to successfully migrate thousands of customers with mixed-protocol source email environments. This experience has enabled us to develop automation and support processes, specifically designed for these unique scenarios.

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Reduce complexity and effort with SkyKick planning tools and resources

Most of the complexities and effort of a mixed-protocol migration project can be reduced or eliminated by using various SkyKick tools and resources during pre-order planning.

  • Use the Migration Pre-Order Checklist to capture key items and information that may impact the migration project, including the potential of multiple email protocols. This information can then be included in the statement of work (SOW).
  • Enter a single set of credentials for each migrating domain in the SkyKick SMB or Enterprise Migration Planner, and SkyKick Discovery Services will detect the best available protocol for the highest fidelity data migration from each source server. If a customer has a mixed-protocol email environment, but each protocol is on a separate domain, SkyKick automation will take it from there.
  • Easily add domains and view and edit discovered protocols on each domain before starting the migration project. With just a few clicks you can ensure a seamless migration from multiple domains, even if they each have a different email protocol.
  • Export the Migration Report, and review it with your customer to accurately scope the migration project, including all users and protocols. Addressing these variables up front ensures a more predictable migration experience for you and helps you set better expectations with your customer.
  • Contact SkyKick Support. SkyKick has developed technology and support processes to streamline even the most complex migration scenarios, and SkyKick email and phone support is always free. So, if you have a customer with a mixed-protocol email environment, and especially if there is more than one protocol on any domain, contact Support. We will work with you to ensure the migration project is set up correctly to provide the best migration experience for you and your customer.

Ensure both server-side and client-side data is migrated successfully

Many mixed-protocol email environments include a protocol in which data needs to be migrated from the local client (e.g. POP3 and IMAP). The SkyKick Outlook Assistant ensures a seamless end user experience by migrating client-side data. For POP3 migrations, the Outlook Assistant migrates all email data. For IMAP migrations, the Outlook Assistant works in conjunction with SkyKick Server Sync to migrate both server-side and client-side data.

In most cases, the combined automation of the Outlook Assistant and Server Sync will result in a seamless migration experience for the end user. However, because there are some cases in which there may be a conflict between client-side and server-side data, this may result in a less optimal end-user experience. It is therefore best practice to contact Support if a mixed-protocol domain is discovered after order placement.

Identify and address mixed-protocol complexities before cutover

It is always best to identify and address the complexities of a mixed-protocol email environment before placing a migration order. However, even after placing the order, SkyKick can help you avoid end user impact by addressing any issues before cutover. Simply go to the Migration Dashboard Overview tab and click Export Report in the Settings section after the Outlook Assistant has been deployed to all devices. This report will show the data store detected by the Outlook Assistant on each device. Then, depending on what you discover, you can contact Support to ensure all complexities are addressed before cutover.

For more information, see Planning and Managing Migrations from Mixed-Protocol Email Environments