Grow your Office 365 Cloud practice with Cloud Backup

At SkyKick, over the past few years we’ve seen thousands of Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and Microsoft partners worldwide sign-up to use our platform, as you’ve focused your businesses on being truly cloud oriented.

Partners now recognize the immense opportunity in the cloud to:

  1. Build cloud businesses that drive increased revenue and profitability.
  2. Align IT solutions to the huge wave of SMB demand for cloud productivity and cost saving benefits, particularly with Office 365 in the Cloud.
  3. Evolve to businesses that emphasize managed services and a more evolved trusted advisor relationship with SMB customers, vs traditional project-based or break-fix dominated businesses.

Savvy partners focused on the space in the past few years have found that identifying one or two beach heads that serve as the initial cloud connection point for their customers are crucial to building their cloud businesses.

Migrating customers to Office 365 from their on-premises or prior environments has been one of the most effective ways for MSPs and Partners to sell cloud services and get in the game.  That huge opportunity alone spawned our SkyKick Migration Suite for partners.

The next step for Partners is layering on additional added value services within their cloud practices, and SkyKick’s Cloud Backup can help you do just that.

Consider Cloud to Cloud Backup as the next step
As partners continue to transition to cloud-focused businesses, profitability and margin are always going to be top of mind. Partners are more and more concerned with growing recurring revenues to create more predictable growth and drive business valuations.

Our mission is helping partners to be successful in the cloud, so at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in 2015 we launched SkyKick Cloud Backup, complementing our migration suite with a new way for partners’ to round out their cloud offerings and deliver value to customers.

Many partners have been intrigued and begun to use the product in their own businesses and for their customers. Yet many of you want to dive deep to understand how Cloud Backup for Office 365 fits in to solve your SMB customer problems, particulary compared to native data protection through archiving from Office 365.

SkyKick Cloud Backup helps you get your customers back on track quickly
The key is that data loss due to human action happens, even in the cloud.

According to the IT Compliance Policy Group, 75% of data loss is due to people deleting content accidentally or intentionally.

Without a cloud backup solution, your customers are missing the foundational piece of data protection.  Even with robust Office 365 licenses and policies, there’s no fast, easy way to restore content exactly as it was and where it was so that your customers’ employees get back on track quickly.

Partners should keep the following in mind with respect to the value of a backup solution.

1. Getting customers back on track is costly:
Getting customers back on track in the event of data loss can be costly both for you as a partner and for your customer. In the absence of a backup solution, it can take as much as 6 hours to recover a single file.Between lost productivity and IT costs, that can be just as expensive as an entire year of a backup solution. The time and cost to recover the entire folder or mailbox of a key employee can be off the charts, especially if the recovered data is unstructured.

2. Office 365 Archiving is not a substitute for Backup:
Office 365 offers license-dependent protection features including Archiving, In-Place Hold and Litigation Hold. These features are designed for compliance and litigation, not for quick search and restore of lost data. Even with Office 365 E3 licenses across your customers’ entire organization, only a backup solution can get customers’ employees back on track quickly with minimal skill, time and cost


3. Deliver Peace of Mind, Grow Recurring Revenues:
SkyKick’s Cloud Backup Technology addresses key gaps and expertise needs that are required if you rely on Office 365’s native data protection and archiving features.

It’s easy to setup, provides lightning-fast search, one-click restore and unlimited backup, helping to keep your customers’ protected and provide them with valuable peace of mind.

Above all, it’s a great way to earn recurring revenues that aid your ongoing transition to a robust cloud-oriented business.  With a predictable, low monthly fixed price per user, partners are building profitable ongoing revenue streams that anchor their cloud businesses.Getting started is easy.
If you haven’t used SkyKick Cloud Backup before, you can get started in minutes.

Microsoft Action Pack and Competency Partners who have activated their Azure internal use rights can use SkyKick Cloud Backup for free as a benefit of MPN Membership through June 30, 2018.
Registered Partners can login to the SkyKick partner portal to get started, and all partners interested in learning more can check out our AzureIUR Offer Page for info.
We’re excited to hear your thoughts on our Cloud Backup Solution. Let us know what you think, we’re here to help.