Syndication apps are LIVE – Resources to help you start self-service migrations to O365 and back ups of O365 data right from your website

Our Syndicated Apps went live last week and it’s been a great launch so far. I’m here at WPC 2016 in Toronto and have been overwhelmed with positive feedback from Partners.

If you haven’t heard, SkyKick syndicated apps let you put SkyKick white-label migration to Office 365 and backup of Office 365 applications on your website for an empowered e-commerce experience and a great way to enable self-service or assisted-service scenarios for your customers.

These free apps were created to help increase partner revenue opportunities and operational efficiencies. While the syndicated apps enable customers to do much of the work, they keep you in control.We’ve built a whole host of new content in the Help Center for you:

Here are a few quick looks at some of the content. We will continue to build resources for you. And we would love to hear your feedback. Drop us a note with your thoughts or any questions. Or swing by booth #1023 here at WPC and visit!



The apps can be deployed on your website in less than an hour with just 10 lines of code. To access the code, simply go to the SkyKick Partner Portal and select Syndication for instructions.

Once you’ve registered, select Syndication again to access the code. This .gif shows the simple process.



For detailed instructions on the registration process, see How to Access Syndication.

Self-Service Migration Planner



The Self-Service Migration Planner app is a simplified version of the full SMB Migration Suite, designed especially to enable customers under 25 seats to quickly setup a migration plan. Each of the five brief pages include simple, end-user instructions. Once the customer submits the plan, you’ll get to approve it and get the project underway. You can even let customers manage their own migration project. It’s a great way to save you time and empower your customers.



Read more about the Self-Service Migration Planner

Self-Service Cloud Backup



With the Self-Service Cloud Backup app, customers can back up their SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and Exchange account in minutes. Cloud Backup protects customers from accidental or malicious data loss which affects over 50% of customers each year. Once you approve the order, you can manage the service or let customers self-service their own account. Either way, Cloud Backup’s powerful search and restore capabilities make it easy.


Process Best Practices

Maximize the self-service migration to O365 potential by gathering a cross-functional team and thinking about the customers’ experience on your site.

  • SEO-optimize the pages where you have embedded the syndicated apps so that your customers can easily find them using search engines
  • Update your Navigation Pages so that you are clearly pointing your customers to the app


SEO Best Practices

To best encourage the visibility of your page on search engines, the kye is to make clear to the user and to the engines themselves what the page is about.

  • Focus on a descriptive target keyword – for example “Company-Name Office 365 Migration” or “Migrate to Office 365” or “Company-Name Office 365 Backup”
  • Always include your target keyword in the following:
    • The page URL
    • The page title
    • Your page’s header (using an <h1> tag is most effective)

Read more at Syndication Best Practices