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Forcing customers into any “one size fits all” solution can hurt MSP business. We want to keep our products flexible and allow partners the ability to adjust to their customers’ needs. We are excited about a recent change to our Cloud Backup product and how it works with OneDrive for Business.

Partners now have the option of backing up OneDrive for Business accounts without backing up SharePoint. This OneDrive for Business only SKU can either be purchased on its own or in combination with Cloud Backup for Exchange Online.

New Cloud Backup SKUs for OneDrive for Business only

For customers that have SharePoint and OneDrive for Business online, SkyKick’s Cloud Backup for Office 365 offers value and simplicity. OneDrive for Business accounts were automatically covered when SharePoint was backed up. But many of our partners reported having customers who only want to back up OneDrive for Business accounts, without backing up SharePoint.

Therefore, we created the option for partners to sell Cloud Backup for OneDrive for Business as a standalone service or in conjunction with Exchange Online backup. Partners can also specify which user accounts to include. If your customer only wants to back up 10% of their OneDrive for Business accounts, you can give them the flexibility they need.

Plus, just as before, you can also provide free backup of OneDrive for Business to customers who purchase Cloud Backup for SharePoint.

In sum, you now have more control over what you back up, and the flexibility that many competitive offerings lack. Instead of trying to squeeze your customers into a “one-size-fits-all” product, now you can sell an Office 365 backup solution that is both customizable to their current needs and flexible to grow with their business.

For more information on creating or reconfiguring a Cloud Backup subscription for OneDrive for Business only, or in conjunction with Cloud Backup for Exchange Online, check out this detailed article from our Help Center – Cloud Backup for OneDrive for Business Offering.

Why back up OneDrive for Business accounts

Whether it’s in conjunction with Exchange Online and/or SharePoint Online, offering a backup solution for OneDrive for Business accounts is critical. Unlike Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business offers no archiving or expanded data protection features to recover lost data. Additionally, OneDrive for Business end users can permanently delete data in their OneDrive for Business account, making it immediately unrecoverable without a backup solution. Imagine how much intellectual property a disgruntled employee could permanently delete from your company. Plus, malware, like ransomware, can corrupt or encrypt files making them useless or inaccessible.

When we ask our Partners why they love using our backup solution, we hear the same answers. Partners choose SkyKick’s proven Office 365 backup service to protect their customers because it:

  • Easy to use and manage
  • Enables new subscriptions to be added in minutes
  • Includes unlimited backup (no data caps, retention limits or hidden charges) and up to 6 snapshots daily
  • Auto-discovers new sites and users
  • Delivers a great customer experience
  • Provides a powerful search function to quickly find the needed data
  • Offers one-click restore to get that data right back where it was, with no overwrites

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