2024: A New Era in Data Protection for M365 – Adapt, Engage, Succeed

The tech world is rapidly evolving, and so are the opportunities for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

As we step into 2024, we are witnessing a pivotal transformation within the technology industry, characterized by the ongoing development of the cybersecurity landscape and the rapid adoption of AI in businesses. Corporate data is central to this shift, requiring strong protection against escalating data risks while also serving as a key internal layer for businesses to gain a competitive advantage through AI.

This dual role of data as both a shield and a catalyst is reshaping business operations and prompting a surge in customer demand for more meaningful insights and enhanced data protection. These changing needs are speeding up market dynamics and carving out new paths for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). As an MSP, you are now in the ideal position to develop stronger customer relationships by actively engaging in these data protection challenges. Additionally, the growing call for comprehensive data protection presents you with an excellent opportunity to boost your operational efficiency and scalability.

This blog is dedicated to guiding MSPs through these evolving opportunities, providing practical insights and strategies for effective data management and customer engagement in the realm of Microsoft 365 data protection.

Scaling strategies for Microsoft 365 Data Protection

Streamline customer onboarding process and management 

As partners grapple with the evolving demands of data protection, it becomes imperative to adopt more sophisticated deployment and management strategies. Enhancing the customer onboarding and management process is crucial while ensuring a smooth and effective transition to data protection services. An example of innovation in this area is the integration of Group Management with SkyKick Cloud Backup, which automates the user onboarding and offboarding processes leveraging Entra ID, significantly enhancing scalability and streamlining the management of customer data protection.  

Combat alert fatigue with refined alert systems 

Additionally, tackling the increasing challenge of alert fatigue is essential for MSPs to maintain operational efficiency and customer focus. By refining alert systems to focus on critical issues, as done recently in SkyKick Cloud Backup, MSPs can reduce noise and focus on what matters. These advancements collectively represent a significant stride towards more effective and efficient data protection. 

Enhanced Customer Engagement for MSPs

Transform complex data protection into easy-to-understand visuals

Customers’ desire for transparency in their data protection processes has never been higher. They are moving away from traditional, dense status updates, seeking instead quick and clear insights for better awareness. This shift necessitates more digestible and accessible presentations of data protection statuses. Cloud Backup features such as SmartInsights play a crucial role in this, offering simplified data-informed visuals that effectively bridge data protection complexities with customer understanding. For instance, SmartInsights can transform intricate data trends into visuals that are easy for clients to grasp, enhancing their understanding and engagement.

Anticipate data protection needs for Microsoft 365

Additionally, as more customers adopt a diverse range of Microsoft 365 services, it’s crucial for MSPs to initiate proactive discussions aimed at identifying and addressing potential data protection gaps in newer workloads.

A key focus in 2024 will be on Microsoft Planner, which is set for an upgrade and deeper integration within Microsoft Teams. Considering the MSP challenges faced during the initial customer adoption of Microsoft Teams, it’s vital for partners to stay ahead of the curve. Being proactive not only guarantees comprehensive protection across Microsoft 365 but also strengthens customer trust, showcasing the MSP’s dedication to securing their entire digital footprint. Ultimately, these efforts to simplify data presentation and anticipate the needs of emerging services foster more informed, engaged, and trusting relationships between MSPs and their clients.

Adapt, communicate effectively, and provide innovative solutions for Microsoft 365 in 2024

As we embrace the challenges and opportunities of 2024, it’s clear that the role of Managed Service Providers in the realm of data protection is more crucial than ever. This blog has underscored the importance of evolving alongside technological advancements and changing customer expectations.

MSPs must not only offer scalable data protection services but also engage in transparent, efficient communication and utilize cutting-edge tools like SmartInsights for clear data visualization. As customers integrate a new array of services within Microsoft 365, proactive engagement in addressing potential data protection gaps becomes essential. By adopting these strategies, MSPs can ensure comprehensive coverage and foster a deeper sense of trust and partnership with their clients. Looking ahead, the ability to adapt, communicate effectively, and provide drive innovation will be key differentiators in the MSP landscape.

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