Microsoft Safe Links management made easy for MSPs

In one portal, manage Safe Link Policies for all of your Microsoft 365 tenants

SkyKick Security Manager helps you safeguard ALL of your customers’ Microsoft 365 tenants with ease

Configure Microsoft Safe Links Policies in a few simple steps

1. Run the report

Run the Microsoft 365 Safe Links Polices Configuration Report. This report will tell you which of your Microsoft 365 tenants need Safe Link Policies enabled or managed.

2. Choose the customers

Choose which customers to enable Safe Links Policies.

3. Run the policy

Run the Create Microsoft 365 Safe Links Policy. Use the Microsoft default Safe Link policies or create your own custom settings and click Run.

That’s it! You’ve just enabled Microsoft Safe Links Polices across a single or multiple tenants at once.

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Take control with SkyKick Security Manager and protect your Microsoft 365 tenants with Safe Links.

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