Trust Center

Data is at the heart of SkyKick, and we take the security and privacy of that data seriously.

Our commitment to protect the data entrusted to us

From secure platforms and data handling to internal people and processes dedicated to security and privacy, our ongoing commitment is to protect every byte of data our partners move, backup, and manage for their customers with SkyKick.
You and your customer each control your own data.
We are transparent about where data is located and how it is used.
We secure data at rest and in transit.
We protect your, and your customers’ data.

Our security & privacy certifications

SkyKick takes its responsibilities with regards to data protection, information security, and compliance extremely seriously. We continuously work on improving our services by which we protect and secure your and your customers’ data.

SkyKick systems, policy, processes, and procedures are actively aligned with and audited on industry-recognized standards and best practices. SkyKick has an ISO 27001:2013 certification (security), an ISO 27701:2019 certification (privacy) and has received the Data Pro verification seal for its adherence to the GDPR.

SkyKick has also earned the Cloud Security Alliance Trusted Cloud Provider Trustmark and is actively working on expanding the scope of its integrated management system to further encompass the SOC2 Trusted Service Criteria, Business Continuity Management (ISO 22301) and IT Service Management (ISO 20000).

The following documents from our 3rd party auditors and business assurance providers can be downloaded or accessed online here:

Cloud Security Alliance:
ISO 27001 Certification (Cybersecurity):
ISO 27701 Certification (Data Protection):
Data Pro Verification (GDPR):

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Our data protection & security offerings

SkyKick products have been designed to assist our partners and customers eliminate the overhead of outside compliance management and provide our partners significant peace of mind in meeting regulatory requirements such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the California Consumer Privacy Act. (CCPA).

Since early 2017, SkyKick partners have been providing HIPAA compliant migrations and backup services to their customers. And as of 2018, SkyKick partners in Europe have used SkyKick Cloud Backup to assist their customers to meet their obligations under article 32.1.c of the GDPR.

With the launch of Cloud Manager in 2019, SkyKick partners can get visibility and take timely action to further strengthen security across their business and customers through advanced management capabilities. Industry-leading, zero-code workflow capabilities enable:

  • Automated assessments, remediation, auditing, and reporting of their customer cloud environments.
  • Easy execution of security initiatives and enforcement of policies at scale.
  • More secure access to and management of customer tenants, applications, and data through tokenized authentication and role-based permissions.

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Additional security & privacy resources

SkyKick provides partners and customers with a host of materials to support their journey in the cloud. From our award-winning services to our excellent support and integration services we are here to assist.

The following resources can be accessed on our public website to help our partners with their due diligence efforts when selecting the right service to help protect and secure the cloud services and environments of their customers.

If you are an IT managed service provider and want to learn more about how our services can help you grow and protect your cloud business, click Get Started to register as a partner today and gain access to our extensive library of materials to support you. If you are a business looking for a SkyKick partner to assist you with managing and securing your cloud environment, click Get Started and we will be happy to connect you.