Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

Robust custom apps designed to power 1-Tier or 2-Tier Microsoft CSP Providers

What is Microsoft CSP?

Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program is a new Microsoft offering that enables authorized solution providers the ability to bundle Microsoft cloud services along with your own services. Partners own the complete customer lifecycle through direct billing, provisioning, management, and support.

Why SkyKick CSP Solutions?

SkyKick CSP Solutions are designed to accelerate the sales and consumption of Office 365 while lowering your support costs. Our CSP Solutions are designed to power your Office 365 sales, provisioning, and migration experience within your existing website or online marketplace. Whether you’re an IT solution provider, large resellers, hosters, telcos, and/or distributor, SkyKick has a CSP solution to fit your needs:
CSP Standard enables CSP providers to quickly integrate the full set of CSP applications with virtually zero deployment.
CSP Premium providers the complete set of API’s to deliver a customized experience or enable direct billing integration.
Standard CSP
  • Framed e-commerce experience including CSP apps
  • Robust, standard customer self-service experience
  • Project Management portal
  • Automated provisioning with either portal access or CREST API
  • Billing info sent via email
  • 24-hour Tier 2 partner support
Premium CSP
  • All the same functionality of Standard CSP plus:
  • Full set of SkyKick provisioning, planning, and migration
  • Enables CSP Providers to customize the experience and integrate billing directly into their website or marketplace
  • 24-hour Tier 2 partner support

Integrated CSP Solution Applications

Integrated CSP Solution Applications

The SkyKick CSP Solution includes integrated Apps that can be embedded directly into your site

Quote and Buy

Automated mailbox discovery and planning tool allows customers to determine their CSP license needs or directly input the licenses they require. SkyKick automates the basic provisioning of O365 tenants and licenses.

Advanced Purchase and Provisioning

The same license discovery tools as Quote and Buy with automated setup and provisioning capabilities for Public Folders, Shared Mailboxes, Aliases, Distribution Groups, and User Permissions.

Automated Migration Suite

Speed deployment of your CSP services with everything in the above along with full O365 migration services. Allows your customers to self-service migration projects, or you can choose to provider them with white glove services. If you want to migrate just email data, the Data-only platform enables high data quality migrations.

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