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PLAN – Migration Planner      
Automated Server Discovery
Automated Mailbox Discovery
Office 365 License Detection
Office 365 Licensing Selection  
Mailbox Auto Match – Source and Office 365
Edit Mode  
Bulk Edit Mode  
Multiple Domain Migrations  
Automated Communications  
Hands Free Configuration  
DNS Automation Options  
Migration Throttling Options
Billing Options  
Migration Report Generation
MOVE – Migration Sync      
Initial Sync: Data moved in advance of the migration
Final Sync: Full Data true-up and post-migration sweeps
DNS Automation: Zero downtime  
Migration via Source Side Impersonation
Migrate Now    
Staged Migrations    
Fully Automated DNS Configuration  
Partially Automated DNS Configuration  
Partner Managed DNS Configuration
Automated Domain Provisioning in O365  
Basic Provisioning: Account and license  
Advanced Provisioning: Users, DGs, Aliases, Permissions etc.  
Password Validation
Password Synchronization  
Automates MEU changes required for staged migrations  
Exchange Permissions for Public Folders and Mailboxes  
SETUP – Outlook Assistant      
Automated Desktop Readiness  
Automated Outlook Patching  
Automated Outlook Profile Creation  
Automated Local PST Attach  
Signature Block, Address Autocompletes, Flags, Categories etc.  
Hands Free Migration  
POP3/IMAP Local Data Migration  
MANAGE – Migration Manager      
Sync Monitoring
Migration Tracker
Change Migration Plan
Detailed Reporting
Dynamic Project Management Capabilities

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