Personalized, data-driven customer security conversations made easy

Engage 100% of M365 customers and grow MRR 30%+

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Security Navigator is a great sales tool because we can show customers where they are at the moment, where they should be, and zoom in on some quick wins we can get by them signing up for enhanced security services.”

– Neil Hennessy, Chaptech

Security Navigator is like a GPS with out-of-the-box reporting and insights to guide each step of the customer conversation journey

Plan the conversation

Engage the customer

Land immediate revenue

Plan the conversation

Customer Engagement Planner curates data for personalized outreach & pre-meeting prep
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Microsoft Secure Scores & trends

Unified view of security posture, enabling tailored security discussions


Right-size Microsoft 365 licensing for each customer

Prioritized alerts & issues

Real-time dashboards highlight the most critical tenant and user-level risks

High-value recommendations

MFA, Conditional Access Policies, Safe Links, Anti-Phishing, and more

Engage the customer

1-click, customer-ready reports on M365 baselines, compliance & industry benchmarking
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Microsoft 365 security baseline

Execute 150+ M365 security baselines, MFA, mailbox, Teams, and more


Unbiased and data-driven, Essential Eight, CIS controls, and more

Benchmarking and security insights

Industry and region specific: Secure scores, benchmarking, news

Customization and automated delivery

Personalized reports delivered daily, weekly, monthly, or as QBR

Land immediate revenue

Ready-to-execute, paid projects can yield $150-250K revenue in year 1
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M365 security risk assessment

Start with a paid security assessment project – estimated revenue $3K

Access and permissions

Get M365 MFA and access status and prioritized opportunities


Create anti-phishing and mailbox policy settings for M365 best practices

Data Privacy & Protection (DLP)

Configure policies by applying 20+ Microsoft DLP templates

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