IUR SkyKick Migration Offer

Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) has teamed up with SkyKick to give you FREE use of the SkyKick Migration Suite to enable you to migrate your company to Office 365, fast, easy and free

The IUR offer has been extended to December 31, 2017!


LIMITED-TIME OFFER. SkyKick Partner? Login to activate.

Getting Started is Easy

  • Free* use of SkyKick’s Migration Suite to migrate your business to Office 365

  • Migration project automation reduces 90% of the effort - from planning to migration to end user set up

  • Data migration is done in advance, mitigating risk and giving you more control of the project

  • The Outlook Assistant app migrates local data/settings and auto-connects to Office 365

  • 24-hour SkyKick support via phone or email

  • Great way to build a more profitable, less risky migration practice

  • Terms & Conditions apply. SkyKick may share information on IUR migrations with Microsoft. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

Sign up and in less than a minute you will have instant access to the SkyKick Migration Suites. Get questions answered fast with the Learning Center and SkyKick daily webinars.


Activate your IUR tenant in minutes and then provide your email address, password, and your IUR admin credentials – the application will do the rest. Kickstart emails and webinars to help your team ramp quickly


You will get full access to the Web Planner, Migration Sync and the Outlook Assistant—to easily setup, plan, migrate and manage your project.

Benefits of Office 365
& SkyKick

Hear how partners sell Office 365 and use SkyKick to scale their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I learn more about SkyKick?

    • Register to get access to the SkyKick Learning Center, webinars and 24 hour support.
  • How do I redeem my IUR product key?

  • Who is eligible for this offer?

    • The Offer is available exclusively to registered Microsoft Partners with a valid MPN partner ID with eligible Office 365 IUR licenses.
  • Is there a cost to using the SkyKick Migration Suite?

    • As part of the Office 365 IUR SkyKick Migration Offer, all costs are waived and you have full use of the SkyKick Migration Suite for free for up to 500 licenses for your organization. Greater than 500 licenses will be charged regular SkyKick license fees. Please see our Learning Center for details on license costs.
  • If my company has more email accounts than eligible Office 365 IUR licenses, will SkyKick migrate all of my email accounts for free?

    • Absolutely. SkyKick will migrate all email accounts up to 500 for free. Greater than 500 will be charged regular SkyKick license fees. Partners are responsible for purchasing any Office 365 licenses that exceeds your Office 365 IUR license allocation.
  • Can I use my IUR benefit with a test domain?

    • No. The IUR benefit can be used to migrate your company’s email domain(s) for employees to use Office 365 as their primary email service. It is not available for test projects.
  • Can I move a domain other than the domain name I use when I register with SkyKick?

    • If your company has multiple domain names for your mail service, you may use the IUR benefit to migrate mail on a different domain or multiple domains to move your employees to Office 365, however, you must contact SkyKick Support to alert us of domains that do not match the domain used at time of registration prior to planning the migration. This Offer may not be used to migrate customers, test servers or any other third-party domains.
  • Can I use my IUR benefit with customers?

    • Your IUR benefit can only be used for your organization’s internal migration.
  • Can I use SkyKick with customers?

    • Yes. SkyKick’s Migration Suites are designed to help partners build a more successful Office 365 practice. The product is white-labeled and pricing is never disclosed to customers. Plus, it’s free to try - partners are never charged until the migration is complete, so it’ virtually risk free.
  • Can I use this offer to migrate another partner to Office 365?

    • This offer is not intended for partners to migrate each other, but for partners to migrate themselves.
  • Is this offer available WorldWide?

    • Yes, the offer is available worldwide, but the application and support is available in English-only.
  • How long is this offer valid?

    • Migration project order must be placed by December 31, 2017.
  • Why did Microsoft select SkyKick to be the exclusive migration tool for Office 365 IUR migration?

    • SkyKick’s mission is to help Microsoft partners be successful in the cloud. They have created a new and differentiated type of migration technology that helps partners plan, move, manage and setup their customer’s migration to Office 365. The product reduces risk, cost and complexity helping partners reduce migration project effort by up to 90%, while providing a seamless customer experience.

      SkyKick is partner-centric, and is offered exclusively to IT solution providers. SkyKick is a two-time winner of the Microsoft Partner of the Year award, and has helped thousands of Microsoft partners migrate themselves and their customers to Office 365.

  • Who do I call for support?

    • If the question is around IUR license entitlement, please ask partners to check on Partner Digital Download Portal. Microsoft Account (formerly Windows Live ID) with admin right is required to access
    • If there is any technical issue regarding Office 365 IUR activation, please contact MPN Support http://aka.ms/rsc
    • If you have technical issue regarding Office 365 migration with SkyKick tool, please ask partners to contact SkyKick support team here:
      Email: support@skykick.com
      Phone Support:
      Tel:1-888-503-3367 Outside the US and Canada:
      World-wide (all partners in every country) Tel:+1 206-201-1194
      Specific country Phone Support Numbers:
      Australia: +61 (0) 286078624
      Belgium: +32 (0) 78480225
      Netherlands: +31 (0) 858880415
      New Zealand: +31 (0) 858880415
      Sweden: +46 (0) 108848856
      UK: +44 (0) 8455280514

We know you have lots to do. So we made this super easy.
Take advantage of this offer so you can start using Office 365

*Office 365 IUR SkyKick Migration Offer Terms and Conditions
The Offer is available exclusively to registered Microsoft Partners with a valid MPN partner ID with eligible Office 365 IUR licenses.
The Offer must be applied by eligible partners to their own company’s email migration. If your company’s domain that you are migrating does not match the domain name of the alias you use to register with SkyKick or your company has multiple domain names, contact SkyKick Support before starting the project. The Offer cannot be used to migrate third-party (customer) or test email accounts.
Offer valid to move all email accounts of eligible partner company, up to 500 SkyKick licenses. Greater than 500 licenses will be charged regular SkyKick license fees. Please see our Learning Center for details on licenses costs.
Migration project order must be placed by December 31, 2017.
SkyKick may share information about the migration with Microsoft including but not limited to your company name, number of mailboxes migrated, and information about your source email server. For more information please see our Privacy Policy
Partners are responsible for provisioning their Office 365 tenant and activation of their Office 365 IUR licenses.