Tips and tricks to price, sell, and deliver Microsoft 365 security services

Customer appetite and awareness are higher than ever before for things like Microsoft Secure Scores, Phishing, MFA, Safe links policies and more. Yet, 87% of your MSP peers feel that they could be doing more to consistently have a security-focused sales conversation with customers. Don’t wait to have the security conversation. If you don’t, your competition will. 

When we talk to partners, we realized that partners are already doing many of these M365 security services. It’s like preaching to the choir. Partners are asking us to get to the next level on this. They want to take this conversation to the customer. Growth in the Security business can’t be achieved in a vacuum – it needs data-driven conversations with customers.

And that’s exactly what we have built here. Security Manager now provides deeper Reporting to drive specific Customer Conversations and/or efficiently measure & improve security operations. We implemented these features to make it easier for partners to engage their customers in a data-driven way, helping them visualize where they currently stand on their security roadmap. Through this enhanced transparency, MSPs can build the case for where they want to take the customer on their journey – all while using proven methods and insights from their existing customer relationships.

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Partners can leverage the customer-specific reporting to demonstrate in their sales journey to Customer X, how Customer Y’s secure scores increased as they made the right level of security commitment with this partner.  What better way to convince customers to make the right investments in security today?

Pricing, selling, and delivering M365 security services doesn’t need to be hard when you have automation from SkyKick Security Manager! Did you know that Secure Scores are the #1 thing customers are curious about? With one click, Security Manager reveals Secure Scores and insights to engage all of your customers. 

There is so much more we are offering to the partners such as best practices, templates, and insights for pricing. Come to this webinar on March 16 you will hear directly from security sales experts on how to scale your security offering to all your M365 MSP customers. You will see how automation from SkyKick Security Manager unlocks insights with a few clicks – like Secure Scores – to engage all of your customers in an easy conversation that leads to sales.