This Blog’s For You, Partner

At SkyKick our maniacal focus is to help you – our partners – be successful in the cloud. This means a lot of things to us, but most importantly…

…over the last 4 years we’ve been super focused on #1 and #2, and we’ve been loving your feedback. You’ve been telling us that you love our products (92% satisfaction ratings) and our support (96% satisfaction ratings), so now it’s time to turn that focus to getting you more information that helps you to build amazing cloud practices and do your job better.

So to that aspiration, we’re excited to announce the arrival of our new VP of Marketing – Chike (pronounced Cheek-ay) Farrell.  Chike is as passionate about helping businesses realize their potential through cloud technology as we have been.  In this role, he will be maniacally focused on producing helpful content for you, our partners.

He is already hard at work building out our capabilities to give you the technical and business information you need in the way you need it.

Look out for lots more public content on our evolved SkyKick blog, and partner-only content “behind the firewall” in the Help Center.

In this space we’ll regularly share thoughts with you on:

  1. Our Industry Outlook
  2. Product & Company News
  3. How to build a great cloud business or practice

As always, send us your feedback and happy reading!

All the best,
Todd, Evan, Trent, and Brad
SkyKick Founders

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