The new Security Navigator: Customer engagement made easy

Get up to speed on the new Security Navigator

If you missed the Security Navigator launch event, getting caught up might just change your business.  

Partners gathered from around the world to adopt the latest technology in M365 Security, a new feature within Security Manager designed to enable MSPs to have personalized, data-driven customer security conversations easily.

SkyKick is on a mission to continually provide tools for MSPs to succeed in the cloud, and to do this, SkyKick innovates frequently.  We are particularly excited about the new Security Navigator, because it is addressing a huge need and opportunity for our Partners to generate a customized, industry-specific, customer-ready presentation.

Security Navigator is essentially a customer engagement engine.

Customer demand for M365 security is high. If you’re like over 60% of MSPs who find it costly and difficult to win and engage customers with M365 security, and you missed our launch event, you’re in luck.

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Why customer engagement is so important

The cloud security industry is relatively new, however one MSP strategy has clearly emerged as successful: Engaging with customers on security early and often.

In cloud security, success can be silent. Bring customers into regular security conversations at the right altitude not only wins new customers, but also retains and expands ongoing revenue streams.

MSPs providing security service is not new, however in the last few years with more users in the cloud and evolving cyber attacks, companies have become increasingly interested in investing more in cloud security. Customers not only want to feel protected from data disasters, but also are incentivized in many ways to be more secure. To quote a real partner from the launch event:

Many things have driven security to the forefront of customers’ minds. Their insurance providers, the media, and governments are pushing for better security standards. We get a lot more people asking about improving their security.

Brian Minker, Able Technology Partners

The challenges of being the security hero

The MSP industry is continuously evolving, that is the nature of offering technical solutions. And the change in best practices that MSP’s must keep up with is being accelerated by the hosts of service the customers use as well as by the bad actors behind cyber-attacks.

To add to the challenge, each customer can have different security needs, some of which they will ask about, others the MSP must identify. This diversity in needs can be driven by unique customer usage scenarios, insurance incentives, security compliance frameworks, the customer’s location, and their industry.

The top 38% of Microsoft MSPs lead with security. But building an agenda of customized information can be a nebulous project for each customer. In preparing for a meeting, the very table of contents can seem to shift based on findings within the myriad of admin resources around M365.

Fear not. Security Navigator was launched to address each and every one of these challenges. Think of it as a customer engagement engine which recommends the next step for each of your customers. It equips you with the right information to share with your customer in not hours but just a few minutes.

How Security Navigator makes MSPs successful

Customer conversations aren’t productive when they’re theoretical. The most successful MSP’s provide customers custom information pertaining to their real security status, the actual Microsoft recommendations, and make it all industry-specific.  

Security Navigator was added to SkyKick’s Security Manager to tailor a security conversation with customers with a few simple clicks. This standardizes the conversation planning and execution to enable all levels on your team to deliver quality customer engagement

Security Navigator elevates our help desk and IT to effectively become security professionals. The fact that they can do this consistency with the tool is invaluable to us.

Seán Ernstzen, Impreza

Security Navigator contains 3 key features:

These dashboards have the same look and feel as all the other dashboards within Security Manager, tailored to make preparing for a customer consultation fast and easy. Leveraging Microsoft’s Secure Scores allows MSPs to make objective decisions based on industry and Microsoft recommendations, which provide context and justification during the customer conversation. These dashboards include Secure ScoresAlerts & Risky UsersAccess managementAnalyze Risk, and Customer Review.

2 – Assessment Reports: Pinpoint the action plan by exporting detailed customer information on over 150 baselines M365 security settings and other security areas

When a deeper level of information may be useful for a customer conversation, particularly those with lower Secure Scores, MSPs can run and append additional reports to the Customer Security Report (below). There are 60 reports to choose from, but the four most commonly useful reports for preparing for a customer conversation are surfaced at the top of the report: Get M365 MFA Status ReportGet M365 Defender Security BaselinesGet Security Alerts Report, and Get M365 Security Baselines Report.

The report on Security Baselines is one of the most comprehensive and popular reports, returning status on over 150 Microsoft Baselines, and supports filtering by any security compliance framework the customer may be seeking to attain such as HIPAA, Essential Eight, CIS, NIST, and ISO/IEC 27001.

The customer-ready Security Report in particular is gaining a lot of excitement from MSPs around the world. This report is automatically customized for each customer’s current security standing and is industry-specific. Out of the box, the table of contents contains a flow of data and visuals regarding Secure Scores, Recommended Secure Score Improvements, M365 Licensing, industry news, and more…all customized for your customers and tailored to their industry.

Uniting with customers on security

The booming cloud security industry is ripe for the taking. Customers want to be more secure, are incentivized to do so, and want to be involved.

The key for MSPs to building a successful practice is being able to initiate and conduct insightful and productive security meetings on a regular basis at scale. Those who are able to recommend and align with customers on their industry-specific security needs will not only win new business, but also retain and expand existing business.

The emerging victorious MSPs will be those who can rise above the challenges of ever-increasing security threats, evolving admin dashboards, multi-tenant monitoring, and time-consuming game plan construction for their customers’ security.

These top MSPs share one best practice: a true alliance with their customer to sync regularly on security.

Security Navigator was built specifically to enable MSPs to engage with their customers with little preparation time. Combined with the other features alongside it within Security Manager, MSPs can then take those security needs the customer has agreed to invest in, and accomplish an entire security solution project in a few clicks by using thousands of workflows within the product.

The Security Navigator launch event generated much excitement for MSPs and SkyKick partners worldwide, as it unveiled a game plan generating tool to make customer consultations on security easy.

In the recorded event, you’ll watch the SkyKick team discuss the vision for Security Navigator, be walked product demo, and see a panel of real MSPs like you provide insights on how Security Navigator is empowering them rise to the top in the cloud security industry.

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