Switching to SkyKick from another Office 365 email migration tool

Many IT service providers come to SkyKick after using other processes and tools to perform Office 365 migrations. They come with assumptions, big questions about how SkyKick may or may not align with their business goals, and surgically-specific questions about our technology. We’ve helped hundreds of partners around the world as they approached the switch, onboarded their teams and started to perform Office 365 email migrations for the first time.

We’ve collected loads of their feedback into an article in our Help Center to help even more partners transition to a more scalable migration practice.

One of the biggest differences you’ll enjoy with SkyKick is our free, unlimited phone and email support. Whether it is your first or your fiftieth migration, you can call support for pre-sales planning consultation, issue resolution, or any questions you have about our technology. Plus you will have access to our robust help center, which offers tips and tricks on your next migration project. 

The Switching to SkyKick from Another Migration Tool article explains:

  • Using the comprehensive, integrated automation to scale your Office 365 migration business
  • Testing SkyKick migration technology on any project
  • Ensuring no data loss with SkyKick’s unlimited, automated and on-demand data syncs before, during, and after cutover
  • Customizing each migration project with the SkyKick Migration Planner, based on comprehensive source email discovery
  • Monitoring, managing, and controlling all your migration projects through the SkyKick Migration Dashboard
  • How SkyKick’s predictable pricing (no extra charges for syncs, support, Public Folders, or HIPAA compliance, etc.) ensures profitability

I’m always interested in your feedback on the Help Center, or any content that Partners would find useful to help them be successful in the cloud.


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